• Class+ in Action

    Autism & Behavioural Science

    "The Class+ Experience in the Autism & Behavioural Science Program means that students participate in interactive class sessions where the power of their iPads translates into real-time collaborative learning. As the field embraces iPad technology for individuals with autism, graduates will be well prepared to lead innovative practice post-graduation."

    Nicole Domonchuk
    Coordinator, Autism & Behavioural Science program

    Business Administration

    "Using online collaboration tools such as VoiceThread, students have the ability to present documents and reports more creatively by adding text, audio and visual files to online presentations. Through Inspiration Maps, students are able to create diagrams and maps to support group project planning. Testing student knowledge, sharing ideas and gaining real-time responses is done using interactive app Socrative. Finally, comprehension and retention is no longer a problem with voice over whiteboards like ShowMe that allow professors to record their lectures or in-class assignments and post online for students to review at home, at their own pace."

    Carlynn Vandenende
    Coordinator, Business Administration - General program

    Developmental Service Worker

    "The use of iPads in the Developmental Service Worker program is more than simply using them as a teaching/learning device. Students will graduate with a "toolbox" packed with essential apps to be used in the field, including communication apps, activation and relaxation apps, and learning and laughing apps. All of these apps are essential to the clients that our grads will be supporting on the job."

    Janice Smith
    Coordinator, Developmental Service Worker program

    Community Integration Through Cooperation Education

    "Students and staff embrace using mobile technologies to enhance learning before, during and after scheduled class times. The goal is to prepare our students to further integrate into a digital world where they will be called upon to work cooperatively with others to creatively develop solutions to 21st century challenges."

    Rodney Marsh
    Coordinator, Community Integration Through Cooperation Education

    Culinary Management

    "Developing unique strategies to assist engaging our learners and future chefs has been greatly improved by incorporating Mobile Applications into our program. Now our students can access all areas of our industry at all times in a communicative, collaborative and confident manner that will only better prepare them for their job search and success post-graduation."

    Alastair Mackay
    Coordinator, Culinary Management & Cook Apprentice programs


    "Technology has changed the esthetics classroom environment in exciting and unimaginable ways. Students studying makeup application techniques are using iPad apps with virtual mirrors to practice various side by side applications as demonstrated by famous makeup artists such as Kat Von D and Matthew Williamson."

    Lori Kaempf
    Coordinator, Esthetician program

    Event Management & Fundraising

    "Mobile Learning will allow students in the Event Planning and Fundraising graduate certificate program to become even more interactive with their event design and execution. Apps assist with efficient logistics, engage donor stewardship for fund development and transform creative event ideas into reality."

    Laurie Wilde
    Coordinator, Event Management & Fundraising program

    Hospitality & Tourism Management

    "As part of our commitment to developing cultural intelligence for Hospitality and Tourism graduates, we will be using mobile technology to bring the world into our classrooms. These tools allow us to take active learning to new heights and assist with Creating Experiences. Creating Professionals."

    Audrey Sloat
    Coordinator, Hospitality & Tourism Management program

    Massage Therapy

    "The Massage Therapy program will be using mobile technology to provide students with greater opportunities for lesson engagement and internalization of course material. This will be done in a variety of areas such as anatomy, physiology, treatments, body mechanics, postural, general and orthopaedic assessments. As well, we will improve current teaching methods, instructor/student interaction and evaluation in the classroom."

    Monique Vanhooft
    Coordinator, Massage Therapy

    Renovation Technician

    "By reading blueprints on site and having the ability to reference the building code in the blink of an eye on an iPad, construction of a house has never been more effective or efficient. Through the use of an iPad, students in the Renovation Technician program will also be able to record demonstrations, review and follow instructions for assignments, research right in class, work collaboratively with the instructor and other students, and build a portfolio of completed theory and lab assignments."

    Steve Minten
    Coordinator, Renovation Technician program

    Sports & Recreation Management

    "The ability to quickly create, analyze, implement and assess are important in today¹s competitive workplace environment. Though the use of iPads in the Sports & Recreation Management program students will acquire and develop the ability to create interactive marketing presentations, collect and utilize real-time data, access information required for making informed decisions, use as an effective physical teaching and coaching tool to provide immediate feedback, and much more."

    Chris Perkins
    Coordinator, Sports & Recreation Management

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