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      Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Lambton College believes that every person should have the opportunity to live a full authentic life.

    EDI Spotlights

    The work being done in support of our EDI strategy is essential and ongoing. To further unite and inspire our community in this shared responsibility, we will be highlighting several EDI initiatives from each biannual update.

  • Recruitment Policy
    We started out with a pretty standard process for updating our Recruitment Policy and procedures. Simultaneously, however, we had our EDI review. We realized removing barriers for underrepresented groups had to be the priority, and the policy and procedures would naturally follow.

    We’ve structured our recruitment procedures so they can be updated in real time, allowing us to remove barriers as they present themselves. We’re proud of how strong our Recruitment Policy is now, and the way our actions back up our words. We believe this will make a difference in the diversity of our candidates and, ultimately, our employees.

    -Jeremy Roy, Manager, Human Resources, Support Staff Labour Relations, Recruitment & Job Evaluation and Natalie Burnard, Consultant, Human Resources, Recruitment & Systems
    Student Success Navigators
    It’s hard to describe our typical duties, because we’re essentially here to do anything we can to help students persist and succeed. Our job is to be that human connection in what can feel like an overwhelming postsecondary system.

    There are a lot of gaps students can fall through, especially students who have historically been underserved or underrepresented. Our job is to get in those gaps and try to catch them. We absolutely believe our roles help create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment that will increase student retention and graduation rates, and we’re proud to do this work at Lambton College.

    -Carrie Caldwell, Student Success Navigator
    Return to Work Process
    The Return to Work process sounds dry, like it would be a prescribed set of steps and that’s it. However, going on a leave and returning to the workplace is different for everyone. In revamping this process, we’ve designed a system where everything between the start and end points can be personalized based on individual needs.

    Returning to work can be a vulnerable time. We’re striving to make sure our employees feel valued, valuable and empowered to return, which is essential for retaining employees who may be at an increased risk of leaving the College or the workforce.

    -Tracey Arnold, Manager, Occupational Health and Safety & Emergency Planning, and Jessica Iacobelli, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant
  • Biannual Update – January 2023

    Lambton College is proud to be a community leader in equity, diversity and inclusion. As such, we have a significant responsibility to continue building on the important work we have already done as we seek to create a College community in which everyone has the opportunity to live a full and authentic life.

    We are committed to providing biannual reporting on our EDI strategy so we can measure our progress and ensure we are enacting meaningful change that impacts the lived experience of our community members.

    As a College, we believe the rich diversity among our student body and the communities we serve should be reflected throughout our campus. As an educational institution, we also have a responsibility to play a leadership role in advancing the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our region and across the country.

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

    These strategic pillars will form the basis of Lambton College's first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategy (PDF). This Strategy will act as a road map for the College, providing direction on everything from our curricular and pedagogical practices to enhancing student supports, research infrastructure, leadership development, and organizational culture.

    Strategic Pillars & Actions

    Pillar 1
    We will Indigenize and decolonize our spaces - Executive Sponsor - Rob Kardas, President & CEO
    Pillar 2
    We will foster more inclusive, equitable, diverse, and accessible working and learning environments - Executive Sponsor - Kurtis Gray, Associate Vice-President, Student Success
    Pillar 3
    We will increase diversity of staff and faculty - Executive Sponsor - Spencer Dickson, Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
    Pillar 4
    We will develop inclusive curriculum and support the ability of faculty to teach students from diverse backgrounds - Executive Sponsor - Mary Vaughan, Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
    Pillar 5
    We will provide more responsive student programs and services - Executive Sponsor - Kurtis Gray, Associate Vice-President, Student Success
    Pillar 6
    We will ensure that community connections and partnerships meet the needs of our diverse college community - Executive Sponsor - Spencer Dickson, Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
    Pillar 7
    We will strengthen research excellence through embedding Indigeneity, inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility considerations throughout the research process - Executive Sponsor - Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, Vice-President, Research & Innovation
  • Our EDI Journey - Navigating Our Pillars With Actions and Intentions

  • Inclusivity Assessment

    To ensure a continued focus on our own growth in this area, Lambton College conducted an in-depth Inclusivity Assessment in late 2021. The Assessment was conducted by a third-party consultant, Turner Consulting Group Inc. and included the following components:

    • A review of employment policies and practices
    • A review of student policies and practices
    • Consultations with students, staff and faculty through focus groups and an online survey
    • One-on-one interviews with senior leaders, human resources staff, and union representatives
    • Consultations with stakeholders in the college community

    The goal of the assessment was to better understand Lambton College's starting point in Equity, DIversity and Inclusion. The results were assembled by a consultant in a two part report, which was further analyzed to form the basis for Lambton's multi-year EDI Strategy.

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    Inclusivity Assessment Documents

    Virtual Focus Group
  • Student & Employee Support

    As we navigate through this journey towards advancing the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion you are encouraged to reach out and talk to someone if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, upset or in need of additional support.

    If you are a student and would like to connect with a counsellor, please email counselling@lambtoncollege.ca.

    For after hours support, you can contact Good2Talk helpline at 1-866-925-5454, and talk to a trained counsellor.

    The Indigenous Student Centre also provides a host of supports for Indigenous learners and employees. Virtual Elder visits are also available by appointment for those who would like to talk or need information. Visit the Indigenous Student Centre web section for contact information. 

    An Employee and Family Assistance Plan is also available for all employees and is designed to provide critical and confidential support for people in a variety of areas and at many different points in their journeys. Visit mylambton.ca for more information on these benefits.

    Lambton College understands this is just the beginning of our journey towards creating an institutional long-term strategy that focuses on adopting best practices as a fully integrated student and employee experience strategy.

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