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A Message from the President

  • It has been said that without change, progress would be impossible.

    And for all the change our world has experienced in recent years, I’m incredibly proud of the many ways that Lambton has not only embraced it, but captured that momentum to emerge stronger than ever before.

    Many of these changes have enabled us to better serve our students.

    The past year highlighted the importance of providing greater access to both in-person and virtual student services, particularly in the realm of mental health and wellness supports.

    We also found innovative ways to safely connect students with newly created student life activities that are engaging and easily accessible, whether students are on campus or participating online.

    Our academic programming also experienced a transformation with the introduction of hybrid learning models designed to provide a flexible education that allows students to personalize their post-secondary journey. Whether you’re a high school graduate looking for a well-rounded college experience, or a busy professional looking to upskill as life allows, Lambton College has a program model that is going to work for you.

    Our College has also grown tremendously in recent years. Our campus footprint has changed dramatically with the addition of two new buildings – the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and the Cestar Group Athletics & Fitness Complex – and is home to a growing and diverse student population that is welcoming and inclusive of every person who chooses to study here.

    "Our students continue to inspire us on a daily basis and their success remains at the core of everything we do."

    Robert J. Kardas, President & CEO

    As I reflect on just how far we’ve come, I think our greatest achievement as a College has been our ability to reshape our way of doing things without sacrificing why we do it – which has always been for the greater good of our students.

    Our students continue to inspire us on a daily basis and their success remains at the core of everything we do.

    Being passionately student centred is the Lambton Way.

    And that’s something that will never change.

  • About Robert J. Kardas

    • A purpose-driven, student-focused leader with more than 23 years of progressive leadership experience in postsecondary education, all of which he has amassed at Lambton College.

    • Progressive experience as a professor in the Sports & Recreation Administration program to college leadership positions in academic operations, student success, community engagement, campus services, and most recently as Vice President Academic & Student Success

    • Dedicated to creating an environment that motivates students to persevere through adversity, resulting in increased retention and graduation rates.

    • Led the development of the College’s Campus Mental Health Strategy, increasing access through three tiers of service.

    • Developed a comprehensive partnership with the College’s Student Administrative Council that resulted in the building of Lambton College’s new Athletics & Fitness Complex, a premier facility in the Ontario college landscape.

    • A champion of the community, facilitating close working relationships with business and industry to address workforce needs and help graduates become future ready.

    • A trusted voice who lends his experience and expertise to numerous local and provincial boards.

    • Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Master of Human Kinetics degrees, both from the University of Windsor.

    • A long-time resident of Sarnia, Rob’s “home team” includes his wife, Heather, and daughters, Fayth and Mackenzie.

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