Research Areas

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre (LMIC) provides advanced manufacturing support to regional companies and organizations, primarily in the areas of additive manufacturing, 3D printing and manufacturing process design. Through the resources available at Lambton College, LMIC, along with faculty researchers and students provide small and medium enterprises with access to technical expertise, support, and equipment required to achieve their goals while enriching the learning experience for students at Lambton College.

    Advanced Material Development

    Due to a high demand in designing, processing and evaluating new materials, Lambton College was able to collaborate with local companies to build a unique facility dedicated to advanced materials development research. With this facility, Lambton College has been able to develop a pathway from bench scale to pilot projects and pre-commercialization testing. Within this facility, researchers focus on processing and characterizing new synthetic materials, nano-composites, recyclable materials, co-polymers and co-continuous polymer blends.


    With a steady stream of bio-industrial companies selecting Sarnia-Lambton as their location and more companies moving forward with plans for significant capital investment, the energy sector in Sarnia is a big contributor to economic growth. As the only post-secondary education provider in the area, Lambton College is in a great position to deliver relevant, career-focused education and applied research to support the needs of these industries. The college’s expertise in this sector also distinguishes us on a provincial and national level. Our researchers are particularly interested in bio-material processing, bi-refining, gasification and bio-process optimization.

    Economics & Business

    Lambton College is a long-time supporter of research initiatives designed to support business activities in the community. Research support in this area has given local startups and SME’s the ability to expand their products and services resulting in financial, social and economic impact. Lambton College along with faculty researchers and students look to collaborate on market research and analysis, business planning, business development, marketing and business administration improvement. Lambton College fosters entrepreneurship activities on campus through the establishment of Start-Up Sarnia. The addition of this on-campus activity has allowed the college to further arm their students with the skills needed to jump start the growth of businesses in Sarnia-Lambton, as well as offer resources and support to other community innovators.

    Fire & Public Safety

    The Fire & Public Safety Centre of Excellence houses a variety of training options and applied research capacities employing scientific research integrity, ethics and practical application to improve the safety and protection of fire service personnel and the public. Lambton College has built strong partnerships with local industries that allow training and research and our highly professional faculty members bring with them real-life experience as first responders to the classroom.

    Health & Wellness

    At Lambton College, our health and wellness research strives to enhance educational and research strengths in health and community studies. Our goal is to develop highly trained faculty skill sets and assist entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies to develop products, processes and services within health and wellness industries and organizations.

    Hydrogen Generation & Fuel Cells

    Hydrogen is becoming increasingly viable as an energy storage medium. When properly generated, it can provide a safe, clean and unlimited supply for all basic energy needs. Lambton College has taken a leadership role in hydrogen research on a regional level to advance science and technology toward the establishment of sustainable energy in the field of generation and storage. Our research and development activities extend from materials science to system development and technology demonstration. Our researchers are particularly interested in the development of advanced materials for fuel cells, fluid dynamics, simulations of fuel cells, and novel designs for microalgae photo-bio-reactors with titania nanotubes for hydrogen generation.

    Information Technology

    In partnership with industry in Sarnia-Lambton, across Ontario and around the world Lambton College is providing applied research support to meet Information Technology (IT) and software development needs of many diverse industries. Lambton College uses the expertise of most talented professors and students to solve problems presented by industry partners. Whether it's a prototype of a new widget, development of new software, or the creation of a new look and feel for your product or business – our Information Technology Applied Research team can provide you with a market-ready solution.

    Instrumentation, Process Control & Optimization

    Process control and optimization are essential for the successful and efficient operation of any chemical or manufacturing process. Lambton College has a long history of specific training and applied research in the area of process control and automation. In an effort to remain active in cutting-edge research and to optimize technology to meet the challenges of today’s industry, our faculty are working with industry partners to: Design and implement advanced instrumentation and automation systems for manufacturing and chemical processes; program, configure and commission industrial scale PLC, DCS, and various communication protocols; design advanced models in predictive control and optimal control techniques for continuous, semi-continuous, and batch processes; integrate optimization and control strategies for applications in energy, water and chemicals.

    Renewable Energy Conversion, Storage & Management

    Alternative clean energy systems and responsible consumption are imperative to environmental stewardship, energy security, health, and economic and social development. Lambton College has been actively involved locally in providing applied research services to small and medium-sized enterprises in the renewable energy industry. Lambton College’s scope of research activities include: prototype development of energy systems, energy management, dynamic optimization and control and energy storage analysis.

    Social Science & Community Services

    Lambton College has a long history of providing the foundation that equips students with fundamental social science skills in areas including psychology, anthropology, sociology and political science. Faculty in this area are active in various research initiatives and collaborate with many local and regional community agencies, academic and professional groups, government and health groups, not-for-profit and charities and marketers. These partnerships reflect our diverse research expertise. We use a robust framework of tools to develop tailored solutions to solve social problems for our clients. While we make extensive use of research, data analytics, strategy and planning tools, the distinguishing feature of our work is our knowledge of human behaviour.

    Water & Wastewater

    In recent years, Lambton College has successfully used its capacity and expertise to execute projects in the areas of water and wastewater. This effort has resulted in the establishment of the Lambton Water Centre (LWC), in partnership with companies and organizations in the water and wastewater value chain. Our goal is to provide cost effective options to municipalities and industry for the improvement of existing and new plants. Lambton College also aims to: Design and implement automation, instrumentation, optimization techniques, and modeling of water technology systems to improve their performance; develop optimal plant design and predictive maintenance/operation scheduling; develop Remote Facility Management (RFM) systems for water and wastewater plants; integrate newly developed advanced water quality sensors.

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