• Students interested in completing either the Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate or individual ACE courses have the option of taking courses online. Intakes for tuition-free courses are available in January, March, April, June, September and November. Fee payer course options do exist on alternate months.

    Admission Requirements

    This program is for adult students who are Ontario residents and 19 years of age or older. Some exceptions may apply.

    Steps to Get Started

    1. Register for the Learn to Learn course (20-hour free course that determines online learning suitability)
    2. Complete modules in the Learn to Learn course successfully and receive a “Next Steps Email” that will indicate the course and term you are eligible to enroll in
    3. Register for the applicable online ACE course by filling out the ACE Online Registration Form
    4. Your request for an ACE course will be reviewed by Lambton College Online & Continuing Education
    5. You will receive a “Welcome to Lambton College and Online Learning – ACE” email approximately one week prior to the course start date with detailed login instructions


    Many ACE Distance courses have been developed to be textbook free. Textbooks will be provided at no cost for those courses that require a textbook. Courses that require textbooks are Apprenticeship Math, Business Math, Technology Math and Physics.


    Students can only enroll in one ACE Distance course at a time. Upon successful completion of an ACE online course, you will be eligible to register for another ACE online course. To register into your next course, please complete a new ACE Online Registration Form.

    To receive an ACE Certificate, students must successfully complete English, Mathematics and two other courses from the course list. The minimum passing grade for an ACE course is 70%.

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