Scholarships and Bursaries

  • Money matters. That's why at Lambton College we offer approximately $1,000,000 in bursaries and scholarships each year to help students invest in their potential. Scholarships and bursaries are awarded through our various donors for academic excellence, extracurricular activities, community involvement, financial need, etc. Each award is unique in its criteria, application process and amount awarded.

    There are many scholarships and bursaries available to students in support of their studies.

    Scholarships vs. Bursaries

    An award given to a student who demonstrates financial need. Additional criteria may also be considered, for example, grade point average or extracurricular activities.
    An award based on merit or academic excellence. Scholarships may be awarded based on faculty, donor or committee selections. Additional criteria may also be considered, for example, volunteer, leadership or community involvement.
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