• How to Get Started as an Apprentice

    Apprenticeship training provides students with the tools they need to become skilled workers while building employment contacts and gaining real-life experience. A student interested in becoming an apprentice can choose a variety of entry points depending on where they are in life and what training model works best.

    Route 1  

    Come to Lambton College and earn a skilled trade credential. Skilled trade graduates may be successful in finding employers, contractors or trade unions willing to register them as apprentices.

    Route 2  

    Find an employer or contractor who can sponsor you. Register with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Sign a contract of apprenticeship and the training period begins.

    Route 3

    Find a union or trade association who will hold Contracts of Apprenticeships with apprentices.

    Route 4

    While still in high school, register as an apprentice through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). See your student success team to find out how.

    At Lambton College, we offer the following apprenticeship programs:

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