Full-Time Applicants

  • The below process is for Canadian students only. If you are an international student, please reference the International Student How to Apply process.

    Let us assist you with your application!

    We can help you through the application process or just put the finishing touches on your application. Book an appointment today by emailing info@lambtoncollege.ca.

    Follow these three easy steps to start your college application process.

    1. Visit ontariocolleges.ca for all full-time programs.

      When you arrive at this site, click on "APPLY" and then click on "APPLY NOW" and follow the instructions. Applicants can apply to a maximum of five programs and no more than three program choices at any one college. Apply by February 1 to meet the equal consideration deadline (applications for non-competitive programs are still accepted after this date). 

    2. Fill out all information requested in the application steps.

      When choosing programs from Lambton College remember the code is LAMB. Be sure to save your application number. You will need it later.

    3. Pay the required fees.

      Your application will not be processed until this payment is made. Send your transcript information to ontariocolleges.ca. If you are currently attending a secondary school, have your school send a copy of your current transcript. If you are not currently registered at a secondary school, you will need to obtain your transcript and mail it to ontariocolleges.ca. Faxed copies will not be accepted.

    What happens next?

    The college will evaluate your application and make admission decisions. Lambton College will email you a username and password. Be sure to login to your college email and check often for any changes to your application. Please ensure your email is up-to-date as ontariocolleges.ca will correspond with you via your regular email address.

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