Definitions of Fees

  • These definitions are no longer valid and will be changing for the 2019-2020 academic year.
    Tuition Fees
    For current tuition fees, please refer to the program pages of our website.
    Late Charge
    A non-refundable late charge of $100 will be assessed against full-time students who register and pay fees after the established payment date.
    Registration Fee
    A non-refundable registration fee of $131.94 is assessed annually for all full-time students.
    Student Activity Fee
    This fee of $70.33 per term is levied by the Student Administrative Council (SAC).
    Student Centre Building Fee
    This fee of $75.00 is charged by the Student Administrative Council (SAC).
    Athletic Fee
    This fee of $54.63 per term covers the cost of varsity and intramural activities.
    Technology Access Fee
    As per the agreement between SAC and the college, a fee of $107.99 per term provides students with updated computer facilities.
    Health & Dental Care Fee
    A health and dental care fee of $207.87 for fall intake programs and $168.96 for winter intake programs provides students with health and dental insurance. Students who have paid these premiums and who can provide proof of alternative coverage may opt-out. Students wanting to include family benefits may fill out an opt-in form at the Atkin Family Health & Wellness Centre. There is an additional cost involved. For specific opt-in and opt-out dates see the Academic Dates & Deadlines.
    Student Health Fee
    This fee of $34.10 covers the cost of maintaining the Atkin Family Health & Wellness and Learning Centres.
    Graduation Fee
    A graduation fee pf $66.87 covers the cost of graduation and convocation.
    Student Card
    A photo ID fee of $18.40 covers the cost of your student card.
    International Students
    Students who are not Canadian citizens or landed immigrants are assessed regular tuition fees plus $4,299.35 per term. International students should refer to our international policies for information about fee refunds.
    Transcript Fee
    Students requesting a transcript will be charged $12 per transcript.
    Facilities Fee
    A fee of $43.75 will be charged to full-time students on an annual basis. Part-time students will be assessed a pro-rated amount.
    Co-op Fee
    Students in an alternating co-op program will be assessed a co-op fee as follows: 1/2 the Term Fee X # of Co-op Terms / # of Academic Terms. A cap of $375.00 will be applied.
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