Centre for Educational Pathways

  • Pathways is the word that Lambton College uses to describe the route each student chooses to achieve his/her educational and career goals. The Centre for Education Pathways has one mission - to help students realize their goals through enhanced credit transferability by developing pathways through articulation agreements with other post-secondary institutions - provincially, nationally, and internationally.

    With students' interests in mind, Lambton College has numerous articulation agreements in place between institutions within and outside of Ontario. Students that wish to transfer to another institution will receive credit for their college courses that will go towards a university degree. Please visit the Ontario Credit Transfer Portal, ONTransfer, for more information about credit transfer opportunities in Ontario or view the Council of Ontario Universities' Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) page for further guidance.

    Choosing credit transfer or degree completion opportunities is an appealing prospect for graduates. Students will be able to apply their skills, knowledge and experience they learned at the college level and apply them to a program of their choice that is invested in improving their academic future and personal endeavours.

    Guidance & Career Counsellors

    Would you like a Lambton College Educational Pathways Advisor to visit your school or workplace to discuss pathways options to yourself, staff, students, or clients? If so, please email edupathways@lambtoncollege.ca.

    Post-Secondary Representatives

    Are you a Post-Secondary School Representative and would like to speak to us about developing a new pathway from your institution with Lambton College? If so, please email edupathways@lambtoncollege.ca. We would love to hear from you!

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