Types of Pathways

  • Pathways for High School Students or Mature Student Applicants

    • Dual Credits
    • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
    • School-Within-A-College
    • Academic and Career Entrance Certificate

    Pathways for College Students

    • Community Integration through Co-operative Education
    • General Arts & Science Programs
    • Pre-Programs

    Pathways to College/University

    Ontario has 20 public universities and 24 public colleges. Generally, colleges offer certificates (1 year); diplomas (2 years); advanced diplomas (3 years); degrees (4 years) and graduate certificates (1 year or less). Universities offer bachelor's degrees (3-4 years); master's degrees (additional 1-2 years after a bachelor's degree) and doctorates (up to three years after a master's degree).

    Pathway Length
    Pathway Length of Time
    Certificate to Diploma 2-3 years
    Certificate to Degree 4-5 years
    Diploma to Diploma  3 years
    Diploma to Advanced Diploma 3 years
    Diploma to Degree 4-5 years
    Advanced Diploma to Degree 5-6 years
    Degree to Master's Degree 1-2 years after degree completion
    Master's Degree to Doctorate 1-2 years after master's degree

    NOTE: Based on average completion times.
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