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    Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Within

  • Transferring within Lambton College

    Many of the programs offered at Lambton College allow students to transfer into one directly from another without losing time or credits. 

    We understand that once you start sitting in classes and experiencing the program, it sometimes makes you rethink your pathway.

    Or, you may like your program so much, that you want to build upon what you've learned - we also have transfers that allow you to complete a portion of a second program if you've already received a certificate or diploma.

    See our list of program types that allow a seamless transfer within the Lambton College program offerings:


    Pre-programs are preparatory programs that allow you to either acquire the necessary pre-requisites or the entrance marks needed to apply to other college programs or you can also use these programs to gain more confidence and to better prepare academically for a diploma program.

    The preparatory programs Lambton College offers include:

    Students who take these programs are often better prepared for other college diploma programs and they may also receive some transfer credit which could potentially lighten their course load.

    Common First Years & Transferrable Credits

    Many programs at Lambton College have a common first year or credits that easily transfer to other programs. This allows students to complete the a first year or even a portion of a program and then choose the path you feel best suits your future endeavours - without back tracking or going through the application process again.

    Construction Carpentry Techniques
    Is the first year of Renovation Construction Technician
    Includes credits that can be transferred to Instrumentational & Control Engineering Technology
    Electrical Techniques
    Is the first year of Electrical Power Distribution & Control Technician
    Criminal Justice Programs
    Our Police Foundations, Protection, Security & Investigation and Border Services programs all have a common first year
    Office Administration
    Executive and Health Services share a common first year
    Business Programs
    Our Business and Business - Accounting as well as our Business Administration and Business Administration - Accounting programs all share a common first year
    Hairstylist and Esthetician
    These programs have a number of transferrable credits

    Programs with Apprenticeship Hours

    Many of our skilled trades programs offer you apprenticeship credit so when you've completed the program, you can also receive credit for some in-school portions of an apprenticeship.

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