• Advanced Manufacturing & 3D Printing Lab

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    • Advanced Manufacturing & 3D Printing Lab Video

    The Advanced Manufacturing & 3D Printing Lab houses BTAC’s design and fabrication space for rapid prototyping, integrated systems engineering, and industry-focused research and development activities. Features of this Lab include an EOS Formiga P110 selective laser sintering 3D printer, a uPrint SE Plus fused deposition modeling 3D printer, and a FARO Edge Robotic Arm and laser line probe for precision measurement and product modelling.

    • Handheld Self-Positioning 3D Laser Scanner
    • EOS Formiga P110 and cleaning station
    • Stratasys uPrint SE Plus and support learning apparatus (model SCA-1200)
    • UP 3D
    • Trinco Dry Blast 36/BP
    • FARO Edge and FARO Laser ScanArm HD
    • Additive Manufacturing EOS Formiga P110 Printer and Cleaning Station
    • Additive Manufacturing Stratasys uPrint SE Plus Printer and Support Clearning Apparatus (model SCA-1200)
    • Additive Manufacturing UP 3D Printer
    • Trinco Dry Blast 36/BP Sand Blaster
    • FARO Edge Arm Portable Metrology Equipment
    • FARO Laser Line HD Scanner Portable Metrology Equipment
    • FARO Vantage Laser Tracker with Track Arm Capabilities Portable Metrology Equipment
  • Robotics Lab

    The Robotics Lab is where researchers and students work on how to utilize six CRS F3 Robotic Arms for various applications. They are specifically programming the codes and configuring the data acquisition and communication.


    Third-year students in the Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology program are exposed to the CRS F3 Robotic Arm in the Robotics Lab. As part of a project in the final year of their program, students spend a considerable amount of time in the Robotics Lab learning how to program in a fun and creative atmosphere while still learning the skills required in a variety of industrial environments.

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