Services and Area of Expertise

  • The Bluewater Technology Access Centre currently offers a variety of different types of services.

  • 3D Design

    3D design develops a concept for a product, part, assembly or equipment into a 3D model (CAD). Software: Solidworks, SpaceClaim, Geomahic Design X

    • Applications include: new product development and prototyping; renderings and animations for marketing and sales; drawings for patent applications; and virtual prototypes for design validation.
    3D Print

    3D printing builds a 3D object from a 3D model by adding successive layers under computer control. Machines: Laser sintering EOS Formiga P110 and fused deposition modeling Stratsys UPrint SE Plus. Materials: plastics (nylon 12, PP, ABS), glass, aluminum.

    • Applications include: rapid prototyping; rapid tooling, dies and molds; customized parts; complex geometries; small production volumes; and integrated assemblies.
    3D Measure

    3D laser scanning and point measurement is used to inspect, align and reverse engineer objects. Portable metrology equipment: FARO Edge arm, FARO HD laser scanner, FARO Vantage laser tracker.

    • Applications include: part and equipment inspection; maintenance documentation; production quality control; equipment installations; reverse engineering; and part to CAD analysis.
  • Other services include:
    • Collaborative research
    • Contract-based projects
    • Engineering and consultation
    • Access to highly-trained experts and state-of-the-art equipment
    • Training
    • Support and access to funding for collaborative research
    • Technology transfer and commercialization services
    • Pilot and demonstration projects to analyze proof of concept and scale-up capabilities

    General Services

    • Engineering design and problem solving
    • Process improvement
    • Product development
    • Product testing
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