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Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) is a fully integrated two year College Certification program. This is a modified program designed for individuals with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and other related learning challenges. The program provides students with an opportunity to enhance their academic skills through integrated college classes, while also developing vocational abilities through career based field placement and experiential learning opportunities. 

Students choose an area of concentration from Lambton College’s many program offerings, based on seat availability. Examples include Construction Carpentry Techniques, Culinary Management, Tourism - Operations Management, Office Administration, Protection, Security & Investigation, Early Childhood Education, Sports & Recreation Management, Social Service Worker, Welding Techniques and more. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive an Ontario College Certificate in Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) from Lambton College.

The team of CICE Learning Specialists and the Employment Liaison provide students with in-class support, weekly tutoring outside the classroom, and job coaching. Students receive supports in the form of modifications and accommodations. Examples of modifications include altering the overall curriculum, changing the level of learning by adjusting the course learning outcomes, and tailoring assignments and tests to meet individual learning needs. Accommodations depend on the student’s abilities and generally include note-taking, scribing, extended test times and other related supports both inside and outside the classroom setting.

Through the CICE program, students with learning challenges have the exciting opportunity to complete a college program with courses tailored through a modification process to fit their individual academic abilities.

    Device Requirements

    This program requires an iPad.

    See full device requirements.

    Admission Requirements

    O.S.S.D. or O.S.S.C. or equivalent
    or -
    Be at least 19 years of age, out of high school for one year, and apply as an adult learner.

    There is a competitive process to gain admission to this limited enrolment program. Applicants must apply to CICE online at Applicants will be contacted to arrange for interviews and references. These interviews and references are scored to determine who is offered admission to the program. Applicants are encouraged to apply before the February 1 equal consideration deadline due to limited space availability. 

    Students must:

    • have a level of independence that precludes constant support
    • demonstrate academic needs requiring curriculum modification
    • be able to arrange transportation to/from the college and field placements 

    Employment Opportunities

    Our graduates pursue a variety of employment opportunities, depending on the area of concentration they have chosen to study. For example, a student who has taken most of his/her courses in the Early Childhood Education stream may become an Early Childhood Education assistant. A student who focuses in the Office Administration area of study may secure employment as an office assistant. As well, some students may choose to enter other college programs after completing the program, if admission requirements are met.

    Program Information


    CICE Program

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