• Lambton College Main Campus


Our Facilities

  • Lambton College offers the community a number of options for room rentals and conference facilities. Our college campus is well-equipped to host events that require classroom, meeting rooms and ballroom facilities. In addition to offering you the facilities you need to host a successful event, we also offer the following services:

    • Use of residence rooms during the summer months for visitors and conference participants
    • Partnerships with local hotels for accommodations
    • On-campus catering services
    • Availability of parking, instructional aides, satellite and IT equipment

    Booking facilities at Lambton College is quick and easy. Interested parties wishing to book the facilities, you can either fill out a booking form or you can contact us directly to begin the process. Once the date and facility have been booked, you will work directly with your event coordinator to decide what other services are required on the day of the event.

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