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  • Lambton College is primarily located in Sarnia, Ontario but also has international student campuses in Mississauga, Toronto and China. Since 1967, Lambton College has worked in partnership with the community to create a region of innovators, working together to strengthen the local economy, and meet industry demand for skilled employees. Discover each of our locations and see how Lambton College continues to change communities with its graduates.

    Lambton College is a Smoke-Free Campus.

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    Wuxi, China

    Jiangnan University-North American College is located in Wuxi approximately 130 km from Shanghai. Lambton College established a partnership with Wuxi University of Light Industry in August 2001. Since the establishment of the partnership, Wuxi University of Light Industry was amalgamated with three other universities in Wuxi to become Southern Yangtze University. The new college, Southern Yangtze University-Lambton College (SYU-LC) was opened in September 2001. Southern Yangtze University-Lambton College, approved by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, is a Sino-foreign educational institution involving five institutions. Southern Yangtze University-Lambton College was later renamed Jiangnan University-Lambton College. Most recently, it was renamed Jiangnan University-North American College. Other partners include College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland, Memorial University in Newfoundland, and Northwood University in Michigan. Lambton College, established in 1967, and Northwood University, established in 1959, are responsible for the diploma-level and bachelor-level business programs respectively at Jiangnan University-North American College. The College of the North Atlantic, established in 1997, is responsible for the diploma-level technical programs. Graduates from the Engineering Technology programs have the option of attending a fourth year in order to earn technical undergraduate degrees from Memorial University.

    The school moved into the brand-new Lihu Campus in January 2006. The Lihu campus covers 208 hectares on the bank of Lake Taihu. It was designed as an eco-campus with beautiful gardens, bridges and running streams. Jiangnan University-North American College is located in the centre of the southern block of Lihu New Campus. It has an Arts Building to its east and a living area with student dormitories, a dining hall, and a service centre connected together to its south. To its north, there is Public Welfare Library, the biggest of its kind in Jiangsu province. To its west, there is Little Lihu Lake, which is connected by water with Changguang Creek and Taihu Shan Shui City.

    Students can choose from the following programs:

    • Business Administration – Finance and Banking
    • Business Administration – General
    • Business Administration – International Business
    • Business Administration – International Accounting
    • Business Administration – Management Information Systems
    • Business Administration - Marketing
    • Hospitality and Tourism Administration

    Upon completion of these programs, students are awarded a Lambton College diploma. Students can choose to attend a fourth year and earn a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration through Northwood University. Students can complete all of their education in China or apply to transfer to partner institutions in Canada or the United States. Graduates acquire both English communication skills and professional knowledge through these programs.

    Foreign partner institutions and universities come to Wuxi twice a year in April and September. The number of resident foreign teachers has grown to approximately 45 teachers. These international teachers are employed directly by Jiangnan University-Lambton College.

    Jiangnan University – North American College
    No. 1800, Lihu Blvd, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China 214122

    Jiangnan University Campus

    Jiangnan University Campus

    Teaching Building

    Teaching Building at Jiangnan University-North American College

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