• Campus Wayfinding Project


    1. What does the Wayfinding Project entail?

      • Simply stated, Lambton College has outgrown our current wayfinding. This project is intended to create a positive and welcoming navigation experience while on campus.
    2. Where will the Wayfinding be installed?

      • This project focuses on internal and external wayfinding and signage. The initial phase of the sign installation will focus on internal signage.
    3. When will the sign installation begin?

      • On August 18, 2018, new room number signage will be installed using temporary materials. Although the room numbers will not change the material of the signs will. The permanent signs will be phased in over the next few years.
    4. Do the signs and wayfinding system meet accessibility requirements?

      • The project is fully AODA compliant. It includes path placement, sign colours and contrast, font size, type, location, etc.
    5. Will digital wayfinding be included?

      • In the initial phase of the project, static wayfinding was determined to be the priority need. Future phases will consider how best to integrate digital wayfinding.
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