• Campus Wayfinding Project

Project Objectives

  • The primary purpose of the project is to improve the experience of navigating in and around the Lambton College campus. Aspects such as functionality, visibility, legibility, accessibility, branding, visual attractiveness, consistency, ease of maintenance, cost and adaptability to accommodate an evolving campus, have been considered.

    The purpose of this project is to design an exterior and interior signage and wayfinding program for Lambton College. Based on an initial assessment of Lambton College’s existing signage, Entro Communications developed a wayfinding system that meets specific needs of the campus. A “Family of Signs” has been created to make the student, staff and visitor experience positive, memorable and informative whether travelling by foot, bicycle, or car to effectively locate destinations within the campus. The wayfinding project is designed to create a system that supports Lambton College’s brand values and identity.


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