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  • Choosing a post-secondary institution can be a big job, but at Lambton College, we are here to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed so that you can be confident you've made the right choice.

  • Lambton College Student Life

  • How to make your Journey a Success:

    High School Students
    • Check Out Our Programs - we have over 70 full-time programs to choose from.
    • Visit Your High School Guidance Counsellor - explore what programs and professions are out there early in your high school career
    • Visit Lambton College - you can book a tour or stop by during our drop-in times
    • Come to Events - we offer a number of events where you can quickly have many of your questions and concerns addressed
    • Apply on Time - once you've narrowed down your search make sure you apply by February 1 
    • Financial Aid - money matters. Explore the financial aid resources available to help you invest in your future
    • Read Correspondence - after you've applied you will receive e-mails and letters to inform you of what you need to do next - pay attention to the dates and actions required to secure your spot in the program
    • Pay Tuition - keep an eye on when tuition deposits are due - visit our Academic Dates page
    Mature Students

    Don't fear the term "mature student" all that means is that you have been out of high school for at least one year, you're 19 years of age or older and may or may not have an O.S.S.D. This term could apply to a wide variety of applicants.

    If you are part of this group, the following links will be helpful:


    If you’re a parent whose son or daughter is thinking about coming to College, you are probably also doing a lot of work trying to find out which post-secondary institution would be the best fit.

    A lot of parents haven’t been a part of the College or University application process in a while and Lambton College understands that it might be a little overwhelming at first. Below is a list of areas you definitely want to explore if you are assisting your son or daughter with their College search:

    • Be Familiar with the Application Deadlines – College applications have different deadlines than university applications and if your son or daughter is applying to a popular program, he/she should definitely make sure to apply on time.
    • Explore the Program Pages – these pages are a great starting point if you are trying to see what kinds of options are available at the college level. It is important to plan early to ensure your son or daughter has the appropriate prerequisites.
    • Visit the Campus – the fall is a great time to visit College campuses. A number of events are organized in the fall so that prospective students can have a chance to see as many colleges as possible. Make sure your son or daughter has the opportunity to visit a few campuses to ensure he/she is comfortable with college size, facilities and faculty.
    • Ask Questions – at Lambton College we are always available to answer any questions you may have about programs, application processes, financial aid and general college inquiries. If you’re worried about something or if something isn’t clear, we are always here to help out. Contact us at info@lambtoncollege.ca or at 519-541-2403.
    College or University Graduates

    If you're a recent college or university graduate who isn't ready to join the workforce or isn't finding the right position and is interested in pursuing more education, Lambton College can help.

    Transfer Students

    If you have attended college or university and have attained some credits, but have not yet completed a diploma or degree, Lambton College can help.

    • See if your completed credits can transfer to Lambton College by visiting Transfer Credits
    • Still unsure of what to do? Our Counselling department can help provide academic counselling.
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