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Before You Arrive

  • Before leaving your home country, you are required to:

    1. Register for and complete an online orientation course
    2. Finish the online registration process
    3. Arrange for and pay for your mandatory self-quarantine package

  • Pre-Arrival Orientation Course

    New international students are required to complete all three modules prior to registration at Lambton College. Please ensure you have a copy of your completion certificate at time of registration.

  • Quarantine Details

    Government regulations during COVID

    The Government of Canada has put in place emergency measure to slow the introduction and spread of COVID-19 in Canada. You must isolate for 14 days and monitor yourself for symptoms as outlined in the Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order. Your compliance with this order is subject to monitoring, verification and enforcement. Those in violation may face detention in a quarantine facility as well as fines and/or imprisonment.

    Maximum penalties include a fine up to $750,000 and/or imprisonment for six months. Further, a person who causes a risk of imminent death or serious bodily arm to another person while willfully or recklessly contravening this act of the regulations could be liable for a fine of up to $1 million or to imprisonment of up to three years, or both. Spot checks will be conducted by the Government of Canada to verify compliance. 

    For more information about self-isolation and the Canada Order, please visit:

    What does it mean to self-isolate?

    Under self-isolation, you must stay at home, avoid public places, and avoid contact with other people. Here are some examples of activities you are not permitted to do under self-isolation:

    • You cannot use public transportation such as taxis, buses or subways
    • You cannot go to restaurants or grocery stores - you will need someone to deliver food to you
    • You cannot go to shops - this may impact students' ability to purchase a cell phone or SIM (for example)
    • You cannot go to work, school or any other public places
    • You cannot look for a job
    What happens when you arrive at a Port of Entry in Canada?

    After arriving in Canada, students are required to:

    • Provide detailed information about your 14 day self-isolation plan using the ArriveCan mobile app or a paper form at the point of entry.
    • Undergo health screening by a border services officer or quarantine officer
    • Abide by all instructions given at the point of entry - violating any of these instructions provided when you enter Canada is an offense under the Quarantine Act and could lead to imprisonment for up to three years and/or fines of up to $1 million - it is extremely important to follow these instructions

    Download the ArriveCan App

  • Arrival Services & Temporary Accommodations

    In order to protect our communities and to limit the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, the Government of Canada requires all incoming international students to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Lambton College has signed a COVID Readiness Plan Agreement with the Ontario Provincial Government to permit our college to accept and register international students for study in Canada. To comply with this agreement, Lambton College, along with Queen's College and Cestar College, have implemented the following processes and protocols. Please Note: We are legally required to follow these protocols as part of our provincially and federally approved DLI COVID-19 Readiness Plan. 

    As an alternative to travelling to Canada, the Canadian Government has implemented very flexible policies for international students to study online from their home country instead of travelling to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage students to seriously consider studying online from their home country by learning more about these policies. For those students that choose not to study from their home country and elect to travel to Canada, Lambton College has implemented some mandatory requirements as listed below. See our COVID-19 - Pandemic Policy.


    Effective September 21, 2020, all Lambton College international students coming from abroad will be required to purchase a Quarantine Package from the College.

    Lambton College has made arrangements with local hotel and food service providers to ensure there are adequate self quarantine facilities available for incoming students. It is mandatory for all incoming students to self-quarantine at these specific locations so that Lambton College can both monitor compliance and test students which are Ontario Government requirements. All of the selected partner hotels are highly reputable and located in safe and secure neighbourhoods; all have implemented elevated cleaning and disinfecting protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; and, all provide free WIFI and free local calling.

    Students can purchase a Quarantine Package and receive a personalized Port of Entry (POE) support letter by following these instructions:

    Step 1: Complete Online Registration

    Students must complete both the online orientation course mentioned above and the online registration process below, before requesting the Quarantine Package. Please note that only students who have received the study permit approval letter and a Temporary Residence Visa can travel.

    Lambton in Sarnia Online Registration

    Step 2: Plan Your Travel

    Only students that are eligible to travel and are permissible to enter Canada should plan to travel. Students should research all the travel advisories and restrictions in place. Students should allow enough time to prepare and purchase the mandatory 14-day Quarantine Package. Only students whose program have an on-campus learning component (i.e. labs) should consider travelling to Canada. Please be advised that entry into Canada is at the sole discretion of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

    Please Note: the College needs at least 15 business days of advance notification to arrange accommodations and other facilities as listed in the Quarantine Package details below. Please note that payment transfer could take up to 5 business days.

    Step 3: Purchase Quarantine Package

    Once a student has thoroughly researched and planned the details outlined in Step 2, the College can be contacted immediately to purchase the Quarantine Package.

    Lambton in Sarnia: housing@lambtoncollege.ca

    The Quarantine Package is designed to provide students with everything required to quarantine properly. Included in the package are the following:

    • Airport pick up and drop off arranged by the College
    • 14-day hotel accommodation
    • Single occupancy, free WIFI connectivity, elevated cleanliness and disinfecting protocols in place at all selected locations
    • All meals delivered to hotel room (able to accommodate all special dietary needs)
    • Transport to student's place of residence on completion of quarantine
    • Arrangement and facilitation of a COVID-19 test (mandatory requirement)
    • Personalized POE support letter
    • WeCare welcome bag 
    Winter 2021 Intake Students

    Complete your online registration by January 15 and book your quarantine package at a subsidized rate of $1,200 CAD once you receive your study permit approval.

    Fall 2020 Intake Students

    Pay your second term tuition fees in full by the payment deadline and book your quarantine package at a subsidized rate of $1,200 CAD once you receive your study permit approval.

    For those with an outstanding tuition balance, the quarantine package cost is $1,800 CAD.

    If travelling with immediate family members, please contact housing@lambtoncollege.ca for a price quote. 


    Students will be required to self-isolate at one of the hotels listed below (list is subject to change). The hotel and room that will be assigned to each student depends on factors including room availability and facilitation of airport and COVID-19 test transportations. Students will not be able to select their hotel at this time. Any unused funds paid for the Quarantine Package will be refunded directly to the student.

    Radisson Toronto Airport West
    175 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON, L5T 2Z7
    Hampton Inn by Hilton Toronto-Mississauga West
    2085 North Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON, L5K 2T2
    Monte Carlo Inn Airport Suites
    7035 Edwards Blvd., Mississauga, ON, L5T 2H8
    Admiral Inn Mississauga Toronto
    2161 North Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON, L5K 1A3

    If students have any further questions or concerns regarding the Quarantine Package, they should contact their study location:

    Lambton in Sarnia: housing@lambtoncollege.ca

    Students in India with additional questions can also contact our India Student Helpline:

    Lambton in India - Student Helpline
    Ms. Parul Shah
    Available Monday - Thursday (11 a.m. - 4 p.m. India Standard Time)

    Step 4: Complete Forms & Finalize Payment

    After students contact their study location to purchase the Quarantine Package (Step 3), they will be asked to complete the following:

    1. Quarantine Package Application Form
    2. International Student Quarantine Package Agreement
    3. Make payment 

    Upon completion of the above, the College location will provide your Port of Entry (POE) support letter.

    Step 5: Arrange Departure

    After receiving your POE letter, students must complete the following:

    1. Book the flight
    2. Enter flight details and upload flight ticket on Quarantine Package portal

    Step 6: Print Documents, Download ArriveCAN & iCent Apps

    Students are asked to do the following to show the CBSA officer:

    • Print Official Quarantine Confirmation Document
    • Print POE Support Letter
    • Download ArriveCAN app - mandatory as of November 21, 2020
    • Download iCent app - for general information
    • COVID-19 Molecular Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test taken within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure - mandatory as of January 7, 2021

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