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  • Counsellors and teachers play an important role in preparing prospective students for college and also for ensuring they have the resources at their fingertips to make a good decision about their future studies.

    At Lambton College, we want to have a strong relationship with teachers and counsellors so that we can better prepare students and in turn, make them more successful when they arrive at college and while they complete their programs.

    • Our Recruitment Team

      Text: 1-844-LAMBTON

      • enrolment-team-justine-longo

        Justine Longo

        Internal Enrolment Advisor

        Justine organizes internal events and is responsible for developing timely and information communications for prospective students, counsellors and teachers. When she's not at Lambton College, she can be found with her two dogs - Soter, a Great Dane, and Goose, a Golder Retriever.

      • enrolment-team-adam-morris-page

        Adam Morris-Page

        Enrolment Advisor

        Adam travels across Ontario recruiting students, meeting with guidance counsellors, teachers and employment agencies. You will most likely see his face in your school this year or at one of our many fairs or college events. Provided the Leafs won the night before, he may or may not be smiling.

      • enrolment-team-braden-chambers

        Braden Chambers

        Enrolment Advisor

        Braden is a graduate from Lambton College's Business Administration - Accounting program and travels the province bringing college information to students, counsellors, teachers and employment agencies. His favourite part of the job is talking to people so if you see him, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

      • enrolment-team-shawn-fowler

        Shawn Fowler

        Enrolment Initiatives Coordinator

        Shawn coordinates recruitment initiatives and projects and oversees data collection, analysis and reporting. You will also see Shawn at many of our on campus events held throughout the year. Shawn joined the team when he was only 19 and is known to throw down in the kitchen for team pot lucks.

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