• Orientation for First-Year Students

Orientation for First-Year Students

  • Lambton College offers new students a number of orientation options depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

    The following orientation programs are recommended for all students to help you become more familiar with student services, the college environment and your own specific program:

    • Campus Connection - Wednesday, August 28

      9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Gymnasium

      This orientation is a one-day event that is recommended for all first-year students.

      It is a day where students can meet new people, have some fun and familiarize themselves with the college environment.

      RSVP by Friday, August 16

      Join us for a Bus & Bites Tour following Campus Connection - Get the Details

    • First Day - Tuesday, September 3

      This is a one-day, program orientation that is recommended for all first-year students.

      Each program area will have a separate agenda filled with workshops and presentation that will inform students about program-specific services, activities and expectations.

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