Applying to College

  • Assisting your Son or Daughter with the Application Process

    If you’re a parent whose son or daughter is thinking about coming to college, you are probably playing a key role in researching which post-secondary institution would be the best fit.

    A lot of parents haven’t been a part of the college or university application process in a while and Lambton College understands that it might be a little overwhelming at first. 

    Below is a list of areas you definitely want to explore if you are assisting your son or daughter with their college search:

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      Be Familiar with the Application Deadlines – college applications have different deadlines than university applications and if your son or daughter is applying to a popular program, he/she should definitely make sure to apply on time.

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      Explore the Program Pages – these pages are a great starting point if you are trying to see what kinds of options are available at the college level. It is important to plan early to ensure your son or daughter has the appropriate prerequisites.

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      Visit the Campus – the fall is a great time to visit College campuses, as a number of events are organized in the fall so that prospective students can have a chance to see as many colleges as possible. Make sure your son or daughter has the opportunity to visit a few campuses to ensure he/she is comfortable with college size, facilities and faculty.

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      Ask Questions – at Lambton College we are always available to answer any questions you may have about programs, application processes, financial aid and general college inquiries. If you’re worried about something or if something isn’t clear, we are always here to help out - email or call 519-541-2403.

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