Attending College

  • Parents Changing Roles & Responsibilities

    Post-secondary education is considered ADULT education, therefore, your child is now considered an adult and is now responsible for seeking out resources and advocating for themselves on their own.

    It is the student's responsibility to contact professors - not yours. Unless a consent form is filled out, professors cannot discuss a student's progress with anyone but that student.

    Parents can, however, be aware of the resources available and direct their children to seek assistance when and where it is needed.

    Resources of Support for Students

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      Free tutoring is available for particular subjects on campus. More information can be found at the Testing Centre.

      The Centre for Academic Integrity assists student in developing good study habits and teaches students to eliminate risk factors that could lead to cheating.

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      Health & Wellness

      Physical Health
      The college has an on campus Health & Wellness centre with a full-time Nurse and part-time physicians and nurse practitioners. This service is available to all students.
      Mental Health
      The counselling office provides academic, career and personal counselling to all students. Students can also access a food bank on campus.
      Spiritual Health
      The college has an on campus chaplain who is available to all students no matter what their religious background.
      Student Clubs
      There are many social and emotional benefits to being involved in college clubs and groups. Students can contact the Student Administrative Council (SAC) for details or sign up during the first few weeks of school.
      Financial Aid
      For any information about OSAP, bursaries and scholarships, on campus employment or emergency loans, students can visit the Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services.
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      Indigenous Students

      The Indigenous Students' Centre is available to help students achieve their academic goals. They offer a number of supports from peer tutoring to financial assistance.


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