Dual Credit Program

  • The Dual Credit program was designed to engage students in post-secondary learning and to assist in the transition from a secondary school setting to a college or university. The students in this program are more successful when they can relate what they are learning in the classroom to their future interests and plans.

    Students who successfully complete Dual Credit courses receive a high school AND the appropriate college credit(s).

    To be eligible, students must be:

    • Enrolled as full-time students
    • Identified by their high school student success team as being post-secondary bound
    • Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) students are eligible for this program by working with their Student Success team

    Please Note: Being scheduled in a co-op program on either the afternoon or the morning of the day they are taking a dual credit class allows students to be more flexible when negotiating mandatory co-op hours with their employers.

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