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  • Effective May 1, 2019, Lambton College has introduced a new smoking policy that prohibits smoking and vaping across all campuses.

    Many post-secondary institutions in Canada have made the decision to become 100 per cent smoke-free, with many more in the process of doing so in the coming year.

    Lambton's efforts to become a smoke-free campus also falls in line with the newly launched Strategic Plan, which strongly supports the maintenance of a healthy workplace environment for students, staff, and visitors.

    Additionally, smoke-free campuses provide protection from second-hand smoke while reducing litter on your properties and discourages the use of tobacco among youth.

  • Smoke-Free Campus FAQs

    When is this happening?

    May 1, 2019

    Why go smoke-free?
    • A healthy workplace supports the wellness of students, staff and visitors.
    • Discourages tobacco use among young people.
    • Creates a healthier and cleaner campus for everyone.
    • Eliminates environmental second-hand smoke.
    • Reduces liter.
    • Provides health leadership within the community.
    • Legalization of cannabis in Canada and changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017.
    What does "smoke-free" mean?

    Eliminates smoking (inhaling and exhaling) tobacco or other materials and holding lit tobacco or other materials intended for smoking.

    Includes cannabis and all types of e-cigarettes, vapour products or any other implement or device used to emulate the act of smoking which involves the production of any airborne contaminants or substances including the use of pipes, water pipes, hookahs, holders, or other instruments used for similar purposes.

    Where can I go to smoke?

    People wishing to smoke must go off campus. Once off College property, they are required to observe municipal by-laws and the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017. Please refer to the campus maps for College property lines.

    Who endorsed this policy?
    • Lambton College Board of Governors
    • Lambton College Senior Leadership Team
    • Lambton College Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee
    Who does this policy apply to?
    • Students
    • Employees
    • Contractors
    • Clients
    • Volunteers
    • Visitors
    Traditional Use of Tobacco by Indigenous Persons

    Notwithstanding this policy, Lambton College recognizes that some traditional indigenous cultural or spiritual purposes involve the use of smoking tobacco or holding lighted tobacco (as provided under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017).

    Which campuses does this policy apply?
    • Main Campus
    • Fire School
    • Community Employment Services
    What will happen to Designated Smoking Areas?

    All Designated Smoking Areas and Butt Stops will be eliminated from each campus location.

    Can I smoke in my personal vehicle?

    No. The use of tobacco and vapour products and smoking or holding of lighted cannabis on campus will be prohibited and therefore not permitted inside or outside of vehicles while on any campus property.

    Smoking in College vehicles has been prohibited for several years and remains so under the policy and Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017.

    Are users expected to quit?


    I know someone on campus that wants to quit smoking. Where can they get help?
    What about the safety of community members who smoke and must go off-campus, especially at night?

    The College encourages everyone to take steps for personal safety on and off campus.

    What about students at Residence?
    • Designated Smoking Areas were part of the transition to a smoke-free campus
    • Residence is now included in the updated policy without exception
    • All students living in Residence are expected to adhere to College Policy.
    What about sporting or external events on campus?

    All events hosted on a College campus are expected to adhere to College Policy.

    Will class times be adjusted to accommodate people who want to go out for a break to smoke or vape?

    Class times will not be adjusted.

    Are staff/students able to smoke or vape tobacco or cannabis off College property and then go to work/class?

    All students and employees are required to abide by applicable laws, policies and guidelines.

    How will the policy be enforced?
    • Warnings, fines and/or disciplinary action through the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Discipline Policy or the Employee Discipline Policy and Procedure as set out in Appendix A of the Smoke-Free Campus Policy.
    • Personal accountability and responsibility to adhere to College policy.
    • Tobacco Enforcement Officers may issue personal fines according to Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017.
    How do I report smokers?
    • Main Campus: Contact Security at ext 3208
    • The Fire School and Community Employment Services: Contact your respective Manager
    What if I have questions about this policy?

    All questions and feedback can be emailed to

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