6. Renew Our Campus Environment

  • Lambton College has the need for both small-scale enhancements and large-scale building projects in order to create a campus that complements our achievements as a place of learning. We are delivering world-class results in what cannot be regarded, across the board, as a world-class facility. From deferred maintenance to new construction, from physical infrastructure to virtual infrastructure, from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic initiatives, the range of opportunities for improving our campus environment is vast. We commit to an ambitious and vigorous approach to campus renewal over the life of this strategic plan, to support the preceding five strategic initiatives.

    • Build a new Health & Science Centre
    • A new Student Centre and Athletics Complex
    • Transform more traditional classroom space into Learning Studios
    • Redevelop physical space to maximize the use of available resources, with a focus on year-round use
    • A landscape plan and an interior design plan, including communal study space and a learning commons
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