• Strike Update

What to Expect During the Strike

  • The union representing the full-time and partial-load faculty of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology have gone on strike as of Monday, October 16. Students should be reassured that they will have the opportunity to complete their academic term following the work stoppage.

    The college will remain open and is committed to providing as many services and resources to the public as possible during this time.

    The following will be suspended for the duration of the strike:

    • All regular, full-time post-secondary programs and apprenticeship programs
    • Continuing Education courses
    • Field and clinical placements
    • Creations Fine Dining services

    Co-op placements and work study positions will continue throughout the strike but your supervisor may change.

    The following will continue with reduced service levels, as indicated:

    • Counselling services will not be available but a referral process is in place to connect individuals in crisis with an external agency
    • The Learning Resource Centre will be open during daytime hours only
    • Food services and retail outlets will have reduced hours of operation
    • Accessibility counselling will not be available
    • Student Success Days will still be scheduled for Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27 - updates to activities will be available on the website calendar

    The college will be open regular business hours and the following departments will continue to operate:

    • Residence
    • Wellness Centre
    • Registrar's Office and Financial Aid
    • Bookstore
    • Computer Labs
    • Tutoring and Testing
    • Student Administrative Council (SAC)
    • Co-op and Career Services
    • International Services
    • Aboriginal Cultural and Learning Centre
    • Ontario Early Years Centre


  • FAQs

    Will the Student Success Days (Fall Study Break) proceed on October 26 and October 27?

    Yes, Student Success Days (Fall Study Break) will proceed, even it there is a settlement and classes resume. If the strike is still on, the planned activities for those two days will still proceed. Please check the web calendar for events scheduled for Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27.

    I am a student studying online through ONLearn; how do I know if my course is continuing?

    If you are a student studying through ONLearn, please check your individual course shell(s) for an announcement that was posted on October 16, 2017. Most courses offered through ONLearn are continuing, but there are a small number of courses that have been suspended.

    How much notice will the students receive to return to classes?

    The return to work protocol will be part of the contract settlement so it is not yet available. However, in previous faculty work stoppages, students were given two days' notice and were asked to return on the third day.

    If the strike goes on for a long time, can I get my parking pass reimbursed for this term? How about my fees for the services I am not using during the strike because I don't want to cross the picket line?

    All student services and college facilities are still available to students during the strike, so there will be no refunds.

    I receive a daycare subsidy and I need to provide documentation to my caseworker that I am attending study group, job or co-op placement, or volunteering extra hours at a job or co-op placement. The letter needs to be from a college official (e.g. dean, etc.) stating the course warrants continued full-time study, co-op supervision, or a sign-in sheet at the library. How do I obtain this documentation?

    You can e-mail your request for documentation to the Office of the Registrar and Financial Aid Services at cara.vanreenen@lambtoncollege.ca.

    I heard that the colleges are going to give students a daily tuition rebate of $30/day for full-time students and $20/day for part-time students. Is that correct?

    The notion of a rebate presumes that students will not complete their academic year. No Ontario college student has ever lost an academic year because of a work stoppage. We fully expect that college students will be able to complete their academic year once this strike has ended.

    How long will the strike last?

    It is very hard to predict.

    When will the parties get back to the bargaining table?

    Both parties are working with a mediator.

    The mediator will indicate when the parties should return to the bargaining table.

    Will the government intervene and stop the strike?
    The government has no role in the bargaining process and expects the colleges and the union to resolve these issues.
    Should I withdraw from my program now that the strike has begun?

    No, students should continue with their studies and be prepared for when classes resume.

    Lambton College has contingency plans in place to help students during the work stoppage.

    What is the position of striking faculty?
    On D2L there is a link to the strike update page where you will find the position of both OPSEU and the College Employer Council. We encourage students to review the material.
    Am I expected to teach myself during the strike or will my studies resume where they left off?
    Studies will resume when faculty return but you are encouraged to read and review relevant materials. There is no expectation for students to teach themselves new information.
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