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2000-1-2 Registration

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
Director, Institutional Intelligence & Registrar
Issue Date April 23, 2017
Last Review June 16, 2022
Last Revision June 16, 2022

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  1. The regular registration of students in programs occurs just prior to or at the beginning of each semester (fall, winter, summer). Some programs operate on varying schedules throughout the year, with individual requirements for registration.
  2. A student may register in a full-time program for which they have been accepted when the tuition deposit has been paid to the College. The College will inform the student of the amount owing and the payment options.
  3. Payment for courses is due by the payment deadline, which is published by the Registrar. A student may register without full payment of fees by the payment deadline if alternative payment arrangements are approved by the Registrar. Students who pay their fees after the payment deadline will be assessed a late fee.
  4. The student is responsible for registering in the courses appropriate for their program and consistent with graduation requirements, and that prerequisites and co-requisites for those courses are met.
  5. To ensure compliance with study permit conditions, international students must register with a full-time course-load. Any exceptions must be approved by the dean responsible for international students and authorized by the Registrar.
  6. Students are expected to complete registration before the first scheduled day of classes. Late registration may compromise the quality of the academic schedule.

Registration Deadline

  1. Students may not register, or change program, course or section, after the registration deadline: the tenth day of a program's scheduled classes in a regular semester (13 to 15 weeks). In exceptional circumstances, the dean may permit a late registration.
  2. In the case of a shortened or compressed duration, the registration deadline will be adjusted through proration.

Student Information

  1. To register in a course or program, the student must provide the information required by the College to fully identify the student. The personal information provided is considered private and is protected by privacy laws and College Confidentiality & Privacy of Information & Records (2000-7-1) policy.
  2. The information provided by the student for registration purposes must be accurate, current and complete. The provision of inaccurate or incomplete information will result in the de‑registration of the student. The provision of misleading or deceptive information may result in disciplinary and/or legal actions by the College.
  3. Registering students may provide a chosen name. This name will be used for the individual in (most) College operating documents (e.g. class lists, and internal and external communications).
  4. All students have a responsibility to maintain the currency and accuracy of their personal information on record with the College. All students have the right to review and change the information on record with the College, except for the purpose of misleading or misinforming the College.

Change of Information

  1. Students needing or wishing to change personal information on record with the College must do so by contacting the Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services, establishing identity, requesting the change and supplying the new information.
    1. Changes in the gender on record will be made on request or via self-service
    2. Changes in, or the inclusion of, a chosen name will be made on request or via self-service
    3. Changes in the given name(s) or surname will require the firm establishment of the identity of the requester and proof of the legal change of name (e.g. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Legal Change of Name Certificate (issued by an authorized government agency), Social Insurance Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card (with photo).) The College reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation.
  2. A graduate requesting the re-issuance of a College diploma, certificate or other such credential with a different graduate name must complete a Change of Information as described above and surrender the original credential.

Change of Program

  1. Students may transfer from one program to another prior to the registration deadline, subject to the admissibility of the student to the program and the availability of open spots in the program. Please Note: admission is granted to a specific program and is not transferable to a different program.
  2. Transfer to another program after the registration deadline is permitted only in exceptional circumstance with the permission of the dean.

Course Addition, Deletion and Withdrawal

  1. Courses may be added only prior to the registration deadline.
  2. Courses may be deleted up to the registration deadline. Deleted courses will not be maintained on a student's academic record.
  3. The course withdrawal must be completed by the withdr20. After the registration deadline, a student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty up to the withdrawal deadline (2/3 of the way between the course start and end date). For a course of traditional duration (15 week semester), this falls on the Friday of the tenth academic week)). A grade of "W" will be recorded on the student's academic record.
  4. After the withdrawal deadline, a student may not withdraw from a course. Failure to complete the course will result in a grade of “F” on the student's academic record.
  5. The refund of tuition or other fees following the deletion or withdrawal of a single course is subject to the registration deadline as well as the impact on the student’s full-time status, according to MTCU policy.
    1. A course from which the student withdraws after the registration deadline is not eligible for any tuition or fee refund.
    2. A course deleted prior to the registration deadline is eligible for a refund of tuition and fees less any non-refundable administrative fee.
    3. Notwithstanding the statement 23b:
      1. Deleted course(s) are not eligible for refund of tuition or fees if the student continues to take a full course load. Short duration courses – those lasting three weeks or less from the first to last contact with the student - will be governed by refund rules specific to the course and published with the registration information.

Course Section Changes

  1. Students are required to attend the course sections in which they are registered.
  2. After the initial registration, a student may seek a course section change at the Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services or through online access. Course section changes will be permitted as allowed by operational limitations (e.g. availability of spaces in the requested section.)
  3. Course section changes must be completed by the registration deadline.
  4. It is the Student's responsibility to ensure that they are registered in the correct courses and sections for their program before the registration deadline.

Full-Time Students in Continuing Education or Online Courses

  1. Where a student has been assigned a course section and elects to transfer to an OntarioLearn course, the student will be required to pay additional fees.

Registration in a Repeated Course

  1. A student may register to repeat a course (i.e. the student already has the course with a grade on their academic record and has registered again to take the course)
  2. A student may not register in a course for a third (or more) time, if they have failed (F grade) the course twice previously, without the written permission of the dean responsible for their program.

Audit of a Course

  1. A student may register to audit a course. Course prerequisites are applicable to a course being audited. Application for the waiving of a prerequisite for an audit student must be made to the dean responsible for the course. The auditing of the course entitles the student to all of the learning materials and instructional activity associated with the course, but not to the evaluation of their work and learning.
  2. Registration with an audit status in a course will result in a grade of AU for the course in the student’s academic history.
  3. A student must register to audit a course by the registration deadline. A student may not change or enter into an audit status after the registration deadline.

Withdrawal from the College

  1. A student who wishes to withdraw from a program and the College must do so formally through the Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services or via self-serve intent to withdraw from institution
  2. Withdrawal from a program and the College, and the subsequent grade entries on the student's academic record, are subject to registration and withdrawal deadlines.
    1. Withdrawal from a course prior to the registration deadline will result in that course being deleted from the student’s academic record.
    2. Withdrawal from a course after the registration deadline but before the withdrawal deadline will result in a grade of "W" being recorded for each course from which the student withdraws.
    3. Withdrawal from a course after the withdrawal deadline will result in a grade of "F" being recorded for each course from which the student withdraws.
  3. The refund of tuition and fees resulting from the withdrawal from a program and the College is subject to the registration deadline.
    1. Withdrawal prior to the registration deadline will result in the refund of tuition and fees less the non-refundable deposit.
    2. Withdrawal after the registration deadline will result in no refund of tuition or fees. Accounts payable to the College will remain due.
  4. Students are registered based on the payment of the non-refundable tuition deposit. Failure to attend or participate in a course does not constitute withdrawal and will not be construed as such.

Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit

  1. A student who feels that he may have already learned or achieved the learning outcomes for a course in their program through prior learning - formal or informal - may request that the College recognize that learning through the awarding of an Advanced Standing (AS), a Transfer Credit (TC) or a grade for the course. (See the Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition - Internal & External (2000-1-10) and the  Grades & Academic Averages (2000-1-4) policies).
  2. The awarding of an advanced standing, transfer credit or a grade for a course on the basis of prior learning by the student is solely at the discretion of the College.
  3. The application for an advanced standing or transfer credit should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar & Financial Aid Services as early as possible but no later than the registration deadline for the semester in which the student is registered in the course.
  4. A student who initially declines an offer for advanced standing or transfer credit but chooses to study in the course may accept the offer for advanced standing or transfer credit up until the withdrawal deadline. After the withdrawal deadline, the grade earned in the course is final and will be recorded on the academic record.

Associated Procedures

Associated Forms

Forms and/or procedures associated with this policy are available through the myLambton portal, including the following:

  • Transfer Credit Requests
  • Confirmation of Registration/Enrolment
  • Course Change
  • Prerequisite Waiver
  • Intent to Withdraw

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