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2000-2-4 Academic Program Suspension & Cancellation

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success
Director, Insitutional Intelligence & College Registrar
Issue Date November 24, 2011
Supersedes Date March 10, 2021
Replaces Academic Program Prioritization, Revitalization & Rationalization
Last Review October 21, 2022
Last Revision October 21, 2022

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Lambton College commits to providing a range of credentials and programs of instruction that meet the needs of students, employers, and the community.  As the needs of our stakeholders change over time, Lambton College strives to respond by introducing new programs, revitalizing, and updating our current programs, and, in some cases, suspending an intake or cancelling a program.

This policy guides these suspension and cancellation decisions, and ensures that the associated processes are:

  • Based on evidence
  • Formalized, documented, and consistent
  • Respectful and timely


Program Intake Suspension

  1. Program suspension will be based on assessment of program applications and/or confirmations for a specific intake term, when the numbers are sufficiently below the enrolment plan such that the delivery is unviable from an academic or financial perspective.
  2. Program suspension is proposed by the program Dean to the Enrolment Management Committee, which reviews the proposal and recommends suspension to the Executive Management Team for approval.
  3. The Executive Management Team will make the decision to suspend an intake as early as possible within the admissions cycle in order to minimize impact to applicants and prospective applicants.
  4. In the case of program suspension, the Senior Director, Community Engagement will be responsible for the development and execution of a formal communications plan.

Program Cancellation

  1. The decision to cancel a program will be based on, but not limited to, one or more of the following factors:
    1. Program performance on the annual program scorecard
    2. Financial viability
    3. Prior attempts to update and/or revitalize the program
    4. Alignment with the institutional mandate and strategic plan
    5. Consistent intake suspensions - any funded program suspended for five years would automatically be cancelled as per Ministry of Colleges and Universities policy.
  2. Program cancellation will be proposed by the dean to the Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success, including documented rationale for the proposal. After review, the Senior Vice-President will recommend cancellation to the Executive Management Team. Once approved by the Executive Management Team, the final decision for program cancellation rests with Lambton College's Board of Governors.
  3. Upon cancellation, the dean will notify the Program Advisory Committee.
  4. The Senior Vice-President, Academic & Student Success will notify the Ministry of Colleges and Universities as per their requirements.
  5. Where the suspension or cancellation of a program has an impact on College employees, the applicable provisions in the relevant Collective Agreements will be adhered to.
  6. The College will provide students enrolled in programs that have been suspended and cancelled reasonable opportunity to complete the program as per the requirements of the Ministry of Colleges & Universities.


Program Intake Suspension
A temporary measure which occurs when admission to all sections of a program is stopped for one or more intake periods.
Program Cancellation
The cessation of all future intakes of an approved program.

Associated Supporting Information

  • Current Program Scorecard Definitions
  • Ministry of Colleges and Universities Program Suspension & Cancellation Operating Procedure

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