Policy Details

3000-1-6 Reference Checks

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
Director, Human Resources
Issue Date April 16, 2024

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


The College will exercise its right to verify and validate information provided during the recruitment process in order to ascertain suitability of employment. This will be done through reference checks conducted with the individuals identified from the candidate’s employment history, as authorized.

When references are provided by the college, they will be honest, and include only pertinent information without malice, and in confidence.

Lambton College Providing References

  1. References may be requested from a current or former employee or student
  2. Once authorized with written consent, references can be provided in either a verbal and/or a written format.
  3. References can only be performed by an immediate Supervisor, or someone with direct personal knowledge of the individual’s qualifications, training, experience, and performance.
  4. Students requesting a reference are required to complete the Student Reference Authorization Form and follow the Student Reference Check Guidelines for Use.
  5. References shall provide the following information details:
    1. Employment details such a position held, duration and level of responsibility.
    2. Demonstrated performance and competency of the applicant/student.
    3. Verifiable, factual statements such as the applicant/student scored well or the applicant/student was a high achiever etc.
  6. References must not disclose personal information e.g. age, address, grades.
  7. A copy of the reference will be attached to the employee's personnel file.
  8. If a reference is requested but the immediate supervisor does not feel comfortable providing one, they should refrain from doing so, and contact Human Resources to discuss.

Lambton College Obtaining References

  1. All persons seeking employment at the college must complete the on-line application which includes a Release of Information or provide consent by way of an email that verifies the applicant’s permission for Lambton College to contact their references as part of the selection process.
  2. Reference checks are conducted by the Human Resources Department or Hiring Manager (for part-time or adjunct staff)
  3. The purpose of the reference check is to:
    1. Confirm information provided by the applicant in their application or during the interview process, including training records, performance, and competencies.
    2. To acquire a recommendation on whether or not to hire the applicant.
  4. Reference checks are conducted using the established software. If preferred, the Hiring Manager may request a paper copy of the reference check from Human Resources, to be issued in place of utilizing the software to collect the information.
  5. For external applicants, two references must be checked meeting the following criteria:
    1. Immediate supervisor in current role. If the candidate is not comfortable with contact being made to a current supervisor a conditional offer of employment can be made pending successful check once the candidate has provided consent.
    2. A prior supervisor from a previous role, or,
    3. A business stakeholder from current or former role i.e., leaders in other business units who collaborate closely with candidate, who can speak to the depth and breadth of the candidate’s experience and abilities.
  6. Employment references must be completed and documented prior to issuing any offer of employment, verbal or written.
  7. Final offer of employment is subject to receipt of a minimum of two satisfactory employment reference checks.

For questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Policy Sponsor by phoning our main line 519-542-7751.