Policy Details

4000-2-2 Disposal of Surplus Material

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
Director, Finance
Issue Date November 1, 1980
Supersedes Date November 20, 1985
Last Review March 29, 2022
Last Revision January 16, 2020

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.


  1. College material that is no longer required by a department shall be declared surplus by that department.
  2. The material shall first be offered for use to other College departments, then to other BPS entities or partners in the community (such as the high schools etc.) and if not required, shall be offered to employees, then for sale via public tender as per the procedure defined below.
  3. Material not claimed will be disposed of by the department, in consultation with Facilities Management and/or Information Technology Department.
  4. Material covered by this policy is generally in the category of furniture and equipment. Desktop computer equipment and peripherals are to be disposed of directly through the Information Technology department. Furniture and furnishings are to be disposed of directly through the Facilities Management department.
  5. Proceeds of sale of surplus material (originally purchased with College funds) will be credited to a Lambton College general revenue account.
  6. Proceeds of sale of surplus material (originally purchased with Research grants) will be re-invested to be utilized for research activities, consistent with the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administrative.
  7. Proceeds of sale of surplus material (originally purchased with any other grant/donation) will follow the funding guidelines/direction of the original grant/donor. Purchasing and Finance will assist with proper disposal/sale of these materials.
  8. Items not re-deployed via the above shall be advertised for sale by public tender by the Purchasing Department.


Declaration of Surplus Material

  1. Each department head shall complete a Declaration of Surplus Material form, found on myLambton website under Finance/Forms and forward same to the Purchasing Department. Approval from Purchasing Services, under the direction of Financial Services, is required prior to the disposal of Lambton College materials. Completion of a Release of Liability Waiver form will be required when an asset is sold or donated.
  2. If necessary, arrangements shall be made with the Facilities Management Department to store the material pending further action.
  3. The department shall inform other College departments when material becomes surplus.
  4. Student clubs shall be considered for all intents and purposes to be a department such that they may have access through S.A.C.

Employee Purchase or Acquisition

  1. Employees of the College shall be permitted to view unclaimed surplus material for the purpose of obtaining items through purchase or free of charge.
  2. No preferential treatment shall be given to any individual, nor any department, or division in which the surplus material had originally been used and located.
  3. Certain items not considered for redeployment and have remaining use and value may be sold through auction on an “as-is-where-is” basis.
  4. All sales or acquisitions will be on an “as-is-where-is” basis and considered final. Purchasers will be required to complete the Release of Liability Waiver form.

For questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Policy Sponsor by phoning our main line 519-542-7751.