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4000-3-3 Reporting of Injury & Illness

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
Director, Facilities Management
Issue Date March 28, 2013
Supersedes Date March 28, 2013
Last Review March 11, 2020
Last Revision February 7, 2020

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

Lambton College is committed to providing a safe workplace for its employees, students, contractors and members of the public. The reporting of injury or illness is important to the maintenance and improvement of a safe campus environment. 


In the following statements, the terms supervisor, coordinator and supervising faculty member should be understood and construed to include designate or substitutes. The absence of the person holding a position does not remove, lessen, or change any requirement to make a report to the position.

  1. Lambton College requires the prompt reporting and investigation of all accidents and incidents that cause injury to any person while on college property or participating in a college activity.
  2. The appropriate form must be completed - within 24 hours of the accident or incident - by the injured person or, in the case of their incapacity or inability, the person most familiar with the circumstances leading up to the accident and submitted to the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant.

Fatal or Critical Injuries

  1. Lambton College requires the prompt reporting and investigation of any fatal or critical injury involving any person while on campus property or participating in a college activity. A critical injury is defined as an injury of a serious nature that:
    1. places life in jeopardy;
    2. produces unconsciousness;
    3. results in substantial loss of blood;
    4. involves the fracture of a leg or arm but not a finger or toe;
    5. involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot but not a finger or toe;
    6. consists of burns to a major portion of the body; or,
    7. causes the loss of sight in an eye.
  2. When a fatal or critical injury has occurred, no one shall interfere with, disturb, destroy, alter or carry away any wreckage article or thing at the scene of or connected with the occurrence until authorization has been given by a Ministry of Labour inspector, unless such actions are for the purpose of saving life or relieving human suffering; maintaining an essential public utility service or a public transportation system; or, preventing unnecessary damage to equipment or other property.


Occupational Injuries

  1. For an occupational injury where medical treatment by a healthcare professional, beyond first aid, is necessary or the individual is unable to go to work, the individual is required to report the incident and any medical treatment received along with a completed Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Health Professional's Report or Functional Abilities Form to the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant within 24 hours of the incident and notify their supervisor. The Occupational Health & Safety Consultant will notify the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee, the union, and the Ministry of Labour when required.
  2. In the event that the employee is unable to report the injury, it is the responsibility of the employee’s supervisor or the College employee most familiar with the circumstances leading up to the injury to report immediately to the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant.
  3. Employees absent from work because of an occupational injury or illness are required to establish and maintain communication with their supervisor, the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, and the Human Resources department for participation in the college's Return to Work program.

Occupational Illness

  1. It is the obligation and responsibility of the employee to immediately notify the Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator and their supervisor of an occupational illness.
  2. The Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, upon being notified by an employee of an occupational illness, will notify the Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee, the union and the Ministry of Labour.

Non-Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

  1. It is the obligation and responsibility of the employee to notify their immediate supervisor and the Human Resources department of any non-occupational injury or illness or medical condition that affects their work performance.
  2. An employee who is unable to report to work is required to contact their immediate supervisor as far ahead of normal start time as possible. If the employee does not know when they will be returning to work, then the supervisor must be contacted on each day of absence to indicate that they will not be reporting to work.
  3. An employee that is absent from work for more than five (5) consecutive working days must contact their supervisor and provide appropriate medical documentation to the Human Resources department. Supervisors are required to inform the Human Resources department of such absences. Unless already provided by the employee, the supervisor must request the initial medical documentation from the employee and forward the documentation to the Human Resources department as soon as possible.
  4. Where an employee has prolonged, frequent or recurrent (patterned) absences, more extensive medical documentation (i.e. Functional Abilities Form, etc.) will be requested, reviewed and assessed by the Human Resources department.

Return to Work

  1. The return to work of an injured or ill employee is governed by the Return to Work (3000-2-8) policy.


  1. Students must promptly report all injuries or illnesses arising from their activities as a student to their college instructor or the college employee supervising the event or area. The student must complete the appropriate report form. The instructor or employee will assist the student with the completion of the form.
  2. It is the student's responsibility to report absences due to injury or illness affecting course completion to their instructor.

Students on Placement

  1. Students on co-op or field placement, practicum, clinical experience, etc., who require workplace experience, must report to their employer, co-op consultant, supervising faculty member, or program coordinator accordingly. Students employed by or place at Lambton College are considered employees of Lambton College and must also follow employee reporting requirements. 


  1. It is the responsibility of the contractor to notify their designated college contact of any work-related injury or illness incurred while working on College premises.

Members of the Public

  1. In all other situations in which injury or illness occurs on the college premises or during college activities, it is the individual's duty and responsibility to report immediately any injury incurred while on college property or while participating in a college activity to College Emergency Services or the college nurse.

Emergency and Reporting Procedures

Accidents, Explosions, Fire or Incidents of Violence Causing Injury

First Person at the Scene

  • Call 911 or send another person to call
  • Contact College Emergency Services immediately at x 3333
  • Apply first aid as appropriate
  • Take charge of the scene until College Emergency Services or Emergency Medical Services arrive
  • Take measures to prevent others from being exposed to the hazards involved in the incident

College Emergency Services

  • Take control of the accident scene from the first person on the scene
  • Take measures to ensure others will not be exposed to hazards involved in the incident
  • Assess the level of injury and ensure Emergency Medical Services has been notified, as appropriate
  • Control access to the accident scene and ensure potential evidence is not contaminated and contact the Director, Facilities Management, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant and report details of the incident once assessment is complete, in the event of a fatal or critical injury
  • Canvass for potential witnesses
  • Escort responding Emergency Medical Services to the scene

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