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4000-3-5 Disclosure of Information in the Event of an Emergency

Responsible Executive Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Corporate Services
Director, Human Resources
Issue Date September 18, 2008
Supersedes Date September 18, 2008
Last Review January 16, 2020
Last Revision January 16, 2020

Upon request, the college will provide a copy of this policy in an alternate format.

Personal information is protected by Ontario’s privacy and access laws. These protections are not intended to stand in the way of the disclosure of vital, and in some cases, lifesaving information in emergency or other situations. (1)


  1. In the event that an employee or student experiences a serious medical emergency or presents a serious threat of danger to self or others, the College may disclose personal information about a student or employee to appropriate health or security agencies or to immediate family members.
  2. Immediate family will be contacted only in situations of extreme urgency following consultation between two authorized college administrators at the Dean/Director level or above.
  3. Individuals authorized to permit disclosure of personal information include and are limited to the following:
    1. All members of the Senior Leadership Team
    2. Deans
    3. Registrar
    4. Associate Vice-President, Student Services
    5. Director, Facilities Management
    6. Director, Human Resources
    7. Manager, Student Housing & Conference Services
    8. Nurse/Medical Staff
  4. Any disclosure of personal information must be documented in the student's file on the Student Record System, or in the Employee Personnel files held by the Human Resources Department, and written notification must be provided to the student or employee as soon as possible.


(1) Cavoukian, Ann, Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario. Fact Sheet – Disclosure of Information Permitted in Emergency or other Urgent Circumstances. No. 7, July 2005

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