Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

Our Students

Prepare students to succeed in a world of constant economic, environmental, and social changes.

Excellence in teaching and learning equips students to be agile and flexible in pursuit of career aspirations.
Learning environment encourages collaboration, curiosity, and imagination.
Diverse array of technology-enhanced and experiential learning opportunities.
Quality academic programs prepare highly skilled graduates for a world of rapid transformation.
An exemplary student experience
Student services designed and delivered with a student first philosophy, recognizing the importance of mental and physical wellness on student success.
Under-represented student populations welcomed and supported.
A comprehensive student life experience, contributing to long-term affinity to Lambton College.
Campuses that spark learning, collaboration and community engagement.
Learning environments promote innovative teaching and learning practices.
Campus environments promote social connections and engagement amongst diverse groups.
A welcoming and sustainable environment that interconnects within the community.

Our People

Our people are highly valued and at the centre of a vibrant culture.

Engaged employees and a healthy work environment.
Employee engagement above the post-secondary sector average.
Accessible, supportive employee wellness initiatives.
Development opportunities support our people to realize their full potential.
Support for diversity and equity.
Social justice initiatives encourage collaboration and appreciation of diversity.
An inclusive workforce reflective of the communities we serve.
Collaborative partnerships mitigate socioeconomic barriers to post-secondary education.

Hear from our Students, Staff & Industry Partners

Our Local & Global Community

Promote inclusion, fairness, and understanding to prepare students for a complex and interdependent world.

Enrich our College and community through internationalization.
Enhanced multicultural and intercultural experiences.
Meaningful opportunities for international student participation in the community.
Recruitment of international students in support of a sustainable College enrollment and our community's immigration strategy.
Provide leadership in advancing Truth & Reconciliation in collaboration with Indigenous communities.
An environment that enhances Indigenous student engagement, reflected through improved access, retention, graduation, and employment rates.
Indigenous culture and history embedded in all post-secondary program curriculum.
A campus that physically reflects culturally relevant Indigenous perspectives, art, and traditions.
Support prosperity in our local community through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Leader in applied research among Canadian colleges, advancing new areas of applied research in manufacturing, health, social sciences, and humanities.
Support for economic development and diversification, and development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) through establishment of a Centre for Automation & information Technology.
Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technologies accelerates emerging opportunities that align with local, provincial, and national strategies.