Why Adam Chose Lambton

  • About Adam

    Arthur, ON
    High School:
    Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest, ON
    Fire Science Technology

  • Adam's Adventure

    I originally chose Lambton College for the amazing on-site facilities that no other college had to offer like the burn towers and multiple fire props. I also chose Lambton College because of the small class sizes. I felt that this would be a great way to create stronger bonds with classmates and to have more of a chance for some one-on-one learning with professors if I was ever struggling.

    adam in the classroom

    When I first arrived at Lambton College for the Pre-Service Firefighting Education & Training program, I was very shy and nervous. I didn't know how well I would fit in and how easy it would be to make friends after moving from a small community of just 2,000 people to Sarnia. I was all by myself and didn't know anyone else in my program. Once school started, I realized that everyone in the program was in the same situation. This helped me overcome my shyness and control my nervousness. It also led me to become involved in a college group called Let's Face It! (formerly Jack.org) - a team of students who try to reach out to fellow students by doing tons of activities to help other students cope with stress and improve their overall mental health.

    Lambton College has been an incredible experience for me because it made me into a better learner and a more open person.

    In addition to being part of Jack.org, I also got through some struggles by asking professors for help when I needed it. They always provided me with one-on-one help and gave of their own time outside of class hours. The librarians at Lambton College were also very helpful and friendly. Whenever I needed help looking for books in the library or articles in the online college search catalogue they were always willing to help. I also spent time in the school gym to help stay in shape. The gym is conveniently located on-campus and I used it a lot for cardio workouts.


    Lambton College has been an incredible experience for me because it made me into a better learner and a more open person. At Lambton College I learned to accept challenges that before I would never have considered taking on. This has also made me look at every opportunity as a positive one. My college experience has taught me many things in the classroom but also just as many life lessons. I have gained the knowledge I need to get me closer to the career I have always dreamed of and along the way, I have made memorable friendships that I will never forget.


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