• About Kayla

    Current City:
    Sarnia, ON

  • Kayla's Story

    I'm Kayla and I'm a graduate of the Business Administration - Accounting program at Lambton College. I remained at the college to work toward my business degree through Nipissing University.

    My original plan was that I was going to go away to university to study accounting for a couple of years and then live in a big city.


    I didn't think I would miss people when I left - but I did.


    I ended up talking to my dad and he had heard about a partnership program at Lambton College. He suggested, that if I wanted an accounting diploma, to contact someone at the college, go over my options and stay at home while I studied.

    I was excited!


    I was able to keep my part-time job. I was able to stay at home and it seemed to be the better option for me.


    When I started at the college, I knew I loved math and wanted to pursue accounting.

    Now that I am finishing, I realize that I have so many options and I am excited about my future.

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