Intro to E-Business | CSCM-2543

This course provides tools, skills and an understanding of technology, business concepts and issues that surround the emergence of electronic business on the Internet. The emphasis of the course is on that part of the Internet known as the World Wide Web (WWW) where such tools as browsers are used.

In addition to acquiring basic skills for navigating the Internet and creating a personal electronic presence on the WWW, the student will develop an understanding of the current practices and opportunities in electronic publishing, electronic shopping, electronic distribution and electronic collaboration.

Students in this course will also explore several of the problems surrounding electronic business and commerce such as security, authentication, privacy, encryption, safeguarding of intellectual property rights, acceptable use policies and legal liabilities.

Host Course Code: AL-MGT2346
Host Course Name: Introduction to E-Business


There is no required textbook for this course.

Please note: There may be required software or other resources for this course. Please be sure to check the course outline when you first log in to the course.

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