Project Management Scheduling Software

Project Management Scheduling Software | CSCM-4783

Project management software increases the ability of the project manager to work more efficiently. The functions of project planning and scheduling, resource allocation and costing, progress monitoring and reporting are explored in detail. Through the application of project software tools and techniques students develop the skills required to manage successful projects.

Host Course Code: AL-MGT5084
Host Course Name: Project Management & Scheduling Software


The required text for this course can be found by going to, clicking on the "Browse by course" drop-down list and scrolling to Project Management & Scheduling Software.

Please Note: Students are not required to purchase textbooks from However, if students are purchasing textbooks from another source, they must ensure purchased textbooks are the correct edition and include any applicable software or add-ons.

 Required Software

 MS Project 2016 required. Access to a student download through Microsoft Imagine can be provided to students enrolled in the course at no cost.
Note that MS Project requires a Windows operating system.

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