Conversational French II

Conversational French II | FRE-2003

The student will sustain development of language skills by extending vocabulary with regard to all activities after work such as weekend chores, leisure, sports including holidaying abroad. The grammatical structures at this level continue to be simple. Through systematic exercises the student becomes more confident and moves on from level 1 present tense and near future to the past tense. The student at the end of this level will be able to share more extensively life at home as well as describe a real or imagined past holiday in a French speaking country.

Host Course Code: DU-LANG2982
Host Course Name: French 2


There is no required textbook for this course.

Please note: There may be required software or other resources for this course. Please be sure to check the course outline when you first log in to the course.


The fee for the French course includes the cost of the CD that is used. The host college will forward the CDs to Lambton College at the withdrawal date of the semester. Please contact the Part-Time Studies office to arrange to pick-up your course CD.

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