Exploring Diversity & Equity: Intercultural Awareness

Exploring Diversity & Equity: Intercultural Awareness | FREE-0330

Exploring Diversity and Equity is a series of eBit mini-courses designed to help students cultivate an appreciation for diversity and develop confidence and curiosity when interacting with other people. It is recommended that students complete the first two eBits in the Exploring Diversity & Equity series - A Brief Introduction and Acknowledging Unconscious Bias - before taking the other eBits in the series.

In Exploring Diversity & Equity: Intercultural Awareness, students will explore cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religions of the world and learn to define and differentiate between race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, and religion. Students will learn about the characteristics of collectivistic versus individualistic societies and learn how time orientation differs among cultures. In the process, common stereotypes or misconceptions will be examined.

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