Ontario Safe Food Handler Certificate

Ontario Safe Food Handler Certificate | SFHMR-0010

In Ontario, food premises are required to have a certified safe food handler on site during all hours of operation. This course is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health to fulfil the training requirements for certification as a safe food handler in Ontario.

Covering topics such as foodborne illness prevention, contamination sources, HACCP principles, and personal hygiene, this self-directed course equips you with essential knowledge and information to maintain food safety standards in order to protect consumers from health risks related to the handling, preparing, and cooking of food.

To receive your Food Handler Certificate, you must achieve a Pass grade (70%) on the Final Exam.

You will be able to print your Food Handler Certificate directly from the course. If you misplace your certificate, you can login to your myLambton account and download a new copy at www.mylambton.ca/Students/CompletionLetters

The Food Handler Certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

NOTE: Learners will have 28 days to complete this micro-credential from the day they register. The Start Date listed on this page is just the first date that learners can register for this micro-credential.

Host Course Code: LAM-SFHMR0010
Host Course Name: Safe Food Handling


Remotely Proctored Final Exam

The Final Exam for the Food Handler Certificate is remotely proctored. Learners must use a computer with a webcam and microphone, and must download and install Respondus Lockdown Browser to be able to complete the Food Handler Certificate Final Exam. You can see a short video about Lockdown Browser here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcHuYw488nM&t=1s

Certificate of Completion

If you misplace your Food Handler Certificate, you can login to your myLambton account and download a new copy at mylambton.ca/Students/CompletionLetters

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