Canadian BioDesign Conference 2019

Thursday, September 26
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Lambton College Event Centre

BioDesign is the vehicle that will enable Canada to become a leader in the development of biomass value chains. The demand for resource stocks, including biomass is expected to reach 130 billion tons by 2050, up from 50 billion in 2014. The for-profit and not-for-profit sectors have an opportunity to drive a deeper level of innovation and sustainable development of the agricultural and forestry sectors.

BioDesign will promote the highest valorization of Canadian biomass and residuals while promoting the objectives of a reduced carbon footprint and effective stewardship of resources. The development of a vigorous bioeconomy is the platform that will help society address environmental challenges and continue the evolution of biorefineries, clusters and innovation ecosystems. BioDesign supports the creation of a strong bioeconomy in Canada that integrates into a global circular economy.

In May 2019, BioDesign launched Canada’s first National Bioeconomy Strategy which reflects the views of more than 400 industry representatives from across the country. The Strategy recommends action on four key priority areas. The full report is available at:

In the coming weeks, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) and its BioDesign partners will apply for support from the Canadian government. It is our intention to develop an internationally recognized ecosystem that will support more effective collaborations to build anchor companies and value chains. We are inviting large customers for biobased products with subsidiaries in Canada to join this initiative and work together with SMEs to implement their business and sustainability targets. With an emphasis on value chain creation, the multi-sectoral and geographically diverse nature of BioDesign can facilitate opportunities for industry by ensuring effective channels of communication and bringing together on a single platform the strengths of multiple regional ecosystems.

BIC and Lambton College are concurrently organizing the 2nd Annual BioDesign Conference with an accompanying Workshop. The objective of the event is to share perspectives on the Bioeconomy Strategy and its recommendations, gain feedback and commitment from the industry on the next steps for implementation.

The conference will have three panels focused on three priorities of the Canadian Bioeconomy Strategy:

  1. Establishing Biomass Supply and Stewardship
  2. Building Strong Companies and Value Chains, and
  3. Building Strong Sustainable Ecosystems

The three panels will be followed in the afternoon by a partnership session and a facilitated workshop to gather industry feedback and support for the development of action plans to move the Canadian Bioeconomy Strategy forward towards implementation.

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Julia Struyf - Outreach & Communications Assistant BPRC
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