A continuation of the Introduction course, Dreamweaver Advanced will present material for the serious or professional web designer. Concepts explored include: HTML5 and CSS3, typography, layouts, navigation, interaction design, managing CSS, working with javascript behaviours and CSS interactivity, utilizing advanced time saving features within Dreamweaver, and developing mobile websites using Dreamweaver and jQuery Mobile.


The required text for this course can be found by going to textnet.ca, clicking on the "Browse by course" drop-down list and scrolling to Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced.

Please Note: Students are not required to purchase textbooks from textnet.ca. However, if students are purchasing textbooks from another source, they must ensure purchased textbooks are the correct edition and include any applicable software or add-ons.

Host Course Code: LO-COMP8037
Host Course Name: Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced


Please Note: students must have access to Adobe Dreamweaver Access to Dreamweaver is not included in the course materials. Please ensure you order the textbook that matches the software version for the course you are taking.

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