This hybrid competency based Micro-credential is designed to introduce learners on how to position clients effectively and use safety measures and guidelines when completing this task. You will also explore the different positioning types to appropriately care for and support your clients and body mechanics to ensure Personal Support Workers remain safe.  Additionally, you will explore the importance of good posture, especially when moving or lifting heavy objects to prevent back and other musculoskeletal injuries.  You will also learn about the effects of bed rest on clients' bodies and how to support clients who develop health conditions from prolonged bed rest. You will learn how to prevent falls and care for and support clients who have fallen and how to safely move clients to a chair to ensure they are protected.  Lastly, you will explore the purpose of home management and cleaning guidelines to ensure clients remain safe within their homes.

Host Course Code: LAM-PSWMR0140
Host Course Name: Handle Transfers, Falls, Ambulation and Safety

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