This online competency based Micro-credential is designed to introduce learners to the various myths of aging and critical terms and definitions discussed in aging and rehabilitation. You will also learn about common concerns and stressors that many aging adults experience and the various ways that you, as a Personal Support Worker, can assist them with this journey. You will also explore the different aging theories and the role of Personal Support Workers, healthcare teams, and family members with supporting clients and loved ones who are aging and need restorative care.


The required text for this course can be found by going to, clicking on the "Browse by course" drop-down list and scroll to Support Older Adults with Rehabilitation.

Please Note: Students are not required to purchase textbooks from However, if students are purchasing textbooks from another source, they must ensure purchased textbooks are the correct edition and include any applicable software or add-ons.

Host Course Code: LAM-PSWMR0310
Host Course Name: Support Older Adults with Rehabilitation

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