This course is intended to guide a student through a proven method of cost estimating.  This will aid the student in determining material quantities and unit cost for a complete project.  This course will be of interest to those individuals wishing to learn about estimating in a commercial environment.  Students will be able to utilize various documents created in the workplace.  The build-up and calculations of unit costs for materials, labour and equipment will be the fundamental part of this course.


The required text for this course can be found by going to, clicking on the "Browse by course" drop-down list and scrolling to Material Estimating and Methods.

Please Note: Students are not required to purchase textbooks from However, if students are purchasing textbooks from another source, they must ensure purchased textbooks are the correct edition and include any applicable software or add-ons.

Host Course Code: CG-CONS1020
Host Course Name: Material Estimating and Methods

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