Transition to Practice

PERI-2012 Credit

This workshop is designed to provide the nurse with an introduction to Perioperative basic scrubbing skills prior to clinical experience with a Perioperative instructor in the OR environment. The focus will be on the OR environment, the principles of asepsis, scrubbing, gowning, gloving, procedure set up, instrument identification, draping and sharp handling.

Registration in this workshop is only open to students who have successfully completed the requisite courses listed below. If you have successfully completed your requisites and are ready to start your workshop, please contact the Online Education office at to begin the registration process.

Please Note: Per Lambton College Policy 2000-1-2: Section 23.c.ii, students who withdraw or change sections after registering in a Transition To Practice workshop will be subject to a $50 Administration Fee.

In-Class Sections

Section 93
August 15, 2020


This Transition to Practice (TTP) workshop is located at Bluewater Health in Sarnia, Ontario. The student must physically attend this location for the workshop. The registration fees cover course costs only and do not include costs for food, travel or accommodation. Participants are to dress comfortably with appropriate shoes for the OR; no uniform is required as students will change into surgical gowns. Bring snacks and lunch or purchase food at the hospital. Students must provide photo ID.

Sorry, this section is currently full. Please contact an Admissions / Registration Officer to inquire about waitlist opportunities: Office of the Registrar
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