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Nurses are at the heart of our health care system and Lambton College can play a vital role in a student's success in the health care profession. Students will experience the importance of smaller class sizes and individual attention as they gain valuable hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs and facilities. Lambton College is proud to offer practical learning experiences in its human simulation lab, where students work with high fidelity mannequins that can breathe, talk, produce vital signs and simulate the birthing process. Students will have a learning experience that is truly unique and rewarding.

Please feel free to learn more about the unique partnership between Lambton College and University of Windsor by clicking on the History of Collaboration and Philosophy of the BSCN program, specific Program Outcomes and the BEVIS-Based Curriculum.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for applicants to the BScN program will be those prevailing at the University of Windsor.

O.S.S.D. or equivalent with:
Six level 4 courses from the U or M stream and an overall average of 70% minimum including:
Grade 12 English U**
Grade 12 Mathematics (any)
Grade 12 Biology U SBI4U*
Grade 12 Chemistry U SCH4U*

*Minimum combined average of 70% for chemistry and biology.
**Minimum grade of 65% required.

Applicant Types

Direct Applicants:
Includes those applicants applying directly from a Canadian high school. These applicants must submit their high school transcripts to

Indirect Applicants:
Includes applicants not applying directly from a Canadian high school and applicants returning to high school or an adult training centre to upgrade high school marks. These applicants must:

  • Have their high school transcript submitted to
  • Submit a completed Applicant Profile Form
  • Submit all official post-secondary transcripts to the Transcripts can be ordered through Please Note: Applicants must be in good standing and meet minimum grade requirements.
  • Indirect applicants with a university history are required to have a minimum 72% overall average and be in good standing with the university.* Pre-Health Science - Nursing (PNSG) applicants from St. Clair College or Lambton College (with a university history) will be considered based on their PNSG grades.

Pre-Health Sciences - BScN Applicants from Lambton or St. Clair Colleges ONLY:
Graduates of the Pre-Health Sciences - BScN program need an overall GPA of 2.7, a minimum grade of 70% (B-) in Biology (average of two terms) and a minimum grade of 70% (B-) in Chemistry (average of two terms). All courses must be completed by the end of the winter term. 

St. Clair College applicants are required to submit their Pre-Health Science – BScN transcript. Lambton College applicants are not required to submit their Lambton College transcript.

Employment Opportunities

Registered Nurses have many career options open to them as they are prepared to care for individuals, families, and communities in varied settings. Our graduates assume roles as clinical practitioners, health program and policy developers, researchers, administrators and teachers. Careers can be found in hospitals, clinics, home care, occupational health, schools, and community agencies in both urban and rural settings.

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Educational Pathways

See where you could go within Ontario to complete a degree once you've completed this Lambton College program.

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Program Information

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